Xbox Media Remote


I have a Nexbox A9X and I have been using the supplied remote using a remote.conf and the instructions here:

I want to try and get a Xbox Media Remote working instead since the supplied remote isn’t very good so I have followed the instructions in the same thread but keep getting the following:

CoreELEC:~ # ir-keytable -t
/sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory
No devices found

I think amremote may still be active as although I have deleted the remote.conf as per the instructions to return to using meson-ir (and rebooted) the old remote still works.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can not use both meson-ir and amremote simultaneously, you will have to delete your remote.conf and reboot if you want to use meson-ir.

Hi Adam

Sorry if I wasn’t clear but I have deleted my remote.conf and rebooted (several times)

No sorry it is my fault, I didn’t read your post fully.

You must have a remote.conf still saved somewhere, check in /flash and /storage/.config.

Yes, found another copy in /flash

The file system is read only so am struggling to rm it at the moment.

Got it mounted rw and deleted.

Ok, ir-keytable is now detecting events from my Xbox remote which is good.

Will have a go at configuring it as per the instructions.

Edit: Got it working surprising easily with the xbox_360 config included with Coreelec. Only issue, which is box specific, is that I can’t power it on my the Xbox remote, only the included one. Is there any way of changing what IR code the box looks for to power on?

Not really, the power-on code usually resides in the uboot, and CE relies on the uboot the box comes with.

As Art says ^

You can compile your own bootloader and modify the power on code but it’s far from a simple task to do.

To fully replace a TV box’s original remote with another then the new remote needs to also have at least one button with a IR learning ability (to learn the power-on from the original remote)

Compiling my own uboot sounds somewhat outside my ability and sounds like a sure fire way for me to brick the box…

I can live with powering on with the old remote.

I have my eye on the Odroid N2 following the comments on this board and may well treat myself when they are available, so this may just be short term anyway.

Cheers for all the help.