Xiaomi Mi Box 3 MDZ-16-AA booting stuck at kernel startup

Hey Guys,

I’ve been searching everywhere for booting CE on my Xiaomi Mi Box 3 MDZ-16-AA, and i follow these threads:
Xiaomi Mi BOX - CE and DRM
Xiaomi MI Box 3 MDZ-16-AB Boot Log and UART Location
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Thanks to all these contributors.

I set the uboot env and boot up a custom-Armbian-kernel-based Openwrt successfully, the kernel source is unifreq / linux-5.4.y, and i’ve make it boot with both meson-gxbb-p200.dtb and meson-gxbb_p200_1G_wetek_hub.dtb files, since i learn that the cpu module is S905-H from teardown, same as Wetek Hub :slight_smile:
Here is the UART log ( Armbian-5.4-Openwrt_Success ):

Then i try with CE image CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.7-Generic.img.gz and it stuck at kernel startup, which seems differrent from what @andybz did since there is no kernel log shown in the uart log.
Here is the UART log ( CE_Fail ):

I don’t konw much about kernel debugging, but i guess this line may be important:

[ 0.000000@0] Kernel panic - not syncing: Unable to initialise architected timer.

That’s all i can try so far, i don’t know if replacing u-boot by dd comand would help…

BTW, there is actually someone boot up CE on Mi BOX 4s MDZ-26-AA :wink:, see 小米盒子MDZ-26-aa-s905x3-4S Pro 实现双系统启动_小米盒子论坛_ZNDS (posted in chinese)

S905H is GXL and should be supported by CE-19. Maybe try your luck with all available dtbs.

I found a device table:

AXG A113X, A113D
G12A S905X2, S905D2
G12B S922X, A311D
GXBB S905, S905H, S905M
GXL S905D, S905X, S905W, S905L,S905M2, S805X, S805Y
GXM S912
SM1 S905X3, S905D3
TXLX 962X, 962E

And its same in CoreELEC - Device Trees:

WeTek Hub S905H 1G gxbb_p200_1G_wetek_hub

Plus my Mibox 3 boot armbian with gxbb dtbs, so im pretty sure S905H is gxbb.

I will try more dtbs, hope its just a dtb issue.

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