Xpadneo update

Looks like the current version of xpadneo is .6 from ~3 years ago, and the current is .9.5.x

A commit was just pushed that fixes 8bitdo pro 2 controllers

Can we get the version that fixed this issue included

I sat down to do this myself this morning. Copied over the files, and started reading over differences in hid-xpadneo.c before generating the patch file. Turns out the project is now incompatible with the 4.9 kernel. You guys should probably update xpadneo in the 5.4 kernel stuff you guys are making, but getting anything current for this package wont work for 4.9. I dont even see the .6 version available on their github anymore. Im just going to rip out the udev rule and the xpadneo patch and custom build, so mine falls back on hid_generic, and will pick up with the windows drivers when moonlight passes usb devices over. That way I can use the controller for both the menus and games.

Kernel 4.18 or newer required

As of xpadneo v0.10, we require kernel 4.18 or later to utilize HID_QUIRK_INPUT_PER_APP which splits the gamepad into multiple sub-devices to fix problems and incompatibilities at several layers.

I buy device with support of ne version (new kernel) in hope it will be updated :smiley: so i am waiting too.
I also wonder is it possible to add xow or better new xone to support xbox adapter.

Same problem, pro2 keeps rumbling with the current xpadneo module :frowning:

Disabled the xpadneo udev rule so its not loading any longer, nor rumbling - but just with hid_generic its not working for me sadly, not registering any presses when trying to map the buttons - any suggestions?

your best bet is to modify the build to include the microsoft hid driver

the newer xpadneo versions will not work with the kernel versions they use. They use 4.9, you need at least 4.18 to run modern xpadneo. Current mainline is 6.4

I just gave up and loaded moonlight-qt on an rpi4. The amlogic board is now gathering dust due to bad software support despite being better hardware.

Yea noted that and that fix wasnt backported to the older release :frowning:

Fiddled a lot and somehow managed to get it working with hid-generic.

Created /etc/udev/rules.d/99-xpadneo.rules with contents;

ACTION=="add", \
KERNEL=="0005:045E:02FD.*|0005:045E:02E0.*", \
SUBSYSTEM=="hid", \
#RUN:="/bin/sh -c 'echo xpadneo udev: $kernel > /dev/kmsg; modprobe hid_xpadneo; echo $kernel > /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-generic/unbind; echo $kernel > /sys/bus/hid/drivers/microsoft/unbind; echo $kernel > /sys/bus/hid/drivers/xpadneo/bind; echo xpadneo udev: ok > /dev/kmsg'"
RUN:="/bin/sh -c 'echo hid-generic override $kernel > /dev/kmsg; echo $kernel > /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-generic/new_id'"

Also blacklisted xpadneo, but not sure thats necessary with the above change…

blacklist hid_xpadneo
blacklist xpad
blacklist xpadneo

8bitdo pro 2 is in X mode. Have two controllers working well with coreelec retroarch add on.