Youtube Addon v6.60 not Works anymore

Hello since 4 Weeke the Youtubeaddon not works. I have found a bypass but it not works at me, because my english is bad too, not real understand all. Its very complicate, in fact.

My question is, give it a other YT Addon vor for Kodi/Core Elec what run´s? Thank you very mutch.


(905X with 2GB, Core Elec is installed on the NAND)

This is very likely what you need to read.

It can be a little fiddly but with perseverance you will get there.

Yep, I agree that it’s a bit fiddly. I chose to copy the api_keys.json file to my laptop so I could copy the API key etc in. After editing it, I put it back. There’s no way I could have typed all that without errors!

You can start a Webserver from within the plugin and type all the stuff over that webpage from any pc