Zappiti/Oppo vs N2

Hello guys, first of all i’m a proud owner of and odroid N2 running coreelec like a sir on my living room,
I’m more than happy with the performance of this beast, it can just play anything i can throw at him from my server.
My question is, and since i have a dedicated hifi sistem, will i get better audio quality via hdmi passthrough since the zappiti or an oppo have a linear power supply with very good capacitators? wouldn’t that affect the noise and the ripple? What are your thoughts?
And since a diy quality linear power supply is so easy to make with custom parts, is there any way to connect one to the odroid n2 for academic purposes only?
About the video quality i’m guessing there is no real benefit since i am going to use the tv upscaler on 1080p content am i right? or those oppo and zappiti socs execel the image processing of the n2?

I can’t comment on the video quality, I think it’s perfectly fine and not much different (if at all) than playing it directly from the TV’s internal player.
Regarding audio, it’s exactly the same, the audio is digital, therefore there is no benefit at all in using a linear PS.
You can try it, though, if you really wish. You need a 12V 2A capable supply for the N2.

i was more thinking on a thing like this:

DIY wtth high grade capacitators and a toroidal transformer to test noise and jitter.
is there any schematic to help me plug something like this on an odroid?

N2 needs 12V DC
Don´t expect to much, maybe Your read some fairy tales in the internet.
N2 sound works well using a simple 12V 2A power supply.

If you are really worried about degrading video/sound quality using default power supply try running your N2 from a 12V power-bank. Any Car Jump Starter like this cheep one will provide perfect DC power, better than any type of AC converter.
If then you can detect any difference, then look at projects like the one you mentioned above.

I assure you that to notice ANY difference you’d need laboratory quality measuring devices, since I’m sure that no one can spot a difference in a blind audio test between battery/AC power supply on any commercial sound equipment using only ears.

Technical overkill & waste of money, see

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