19.0-Matrix Discussion

I’m having issues with CE 19.0 Matrix not detecting my TV’s 4K resolution & defaulting to 1080p.

I use a harmony remote to power on (in this order) a Sony 4K TV, Yamaha AVR, Odroid N2+ & since upgrading to v19.0, CE only detects resolutions 1080p & under.
However, if I power down the system & power it up again using the remote, CE will then detect the TV’s 4K resolutions (though I have to change resolution back to 2160p manually). Rebooting CE on it’s own does not reset the resolutions.
This seems to be a HDMI handshake issue but changing the order in which the 3 devices are powered on/off, or setting power-on delays does not make a difference. Only the entire system shut-down/re-start does.


If Portisch solution is not your case then please collect full logs and the output of command ce-debug after you booted with wrong resolution

After that try to update to this version and check if issue persist or not

Thank you both, Portisch & boot2k3 for the prompt responses
I’m playing around with setting longer delays with the Harmony to ensure that the TV & AVR are well & truly up & running before the N2+ is. I’ll report back shortly (& post logs if necessary)…

Sor tof similar to me. Odroidn2+ 9.2.6, so loaded update via via the settings file and selected the 19 strand, then the update. it installed and worked except the remote would not allow the right left keys to work and other keys seemed to be jerky, double/triple effect jumping overy whatever was selected. So selected the 9.2 string and downgraded to 9.2 6 again and all working right away as expected. Not sure of any diagnosis other than the X96 Xgody remote from the old Xgody box works with 9.2.6 100% but not with the 19.0. sick of spending days and days trying to refine the remote configuration. should’nt be this hard.

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The remote file names changed for meson_ir.

Take a look to the section CoreELEC 19 change

Issue still persists. Log is attached.
Log.txt (78.5 KB)

not all that I requested but I see ddc_timeout in logs
try to update to build from my previous message and check again

OK, sorry. It’s my first time SSH-ing.
I’m downloading the build you linked now (thanks) & will try it tomorrow as the kids have hijacked the TV for the night :frowning:

Sorry, I meant to point out that I can’t post an http://ix.io URL as CE keeps giving me a ‘failed to upload’ error message (& why I SSH’d).

You could use ssh commands for different parts of logs:
cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | paste
dmesg | paste
Ok, waiting for your test results

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hi. I wrote in another thread, I did not hear the answer, maybe this time it will work.

Error: service.coreelec.settings

Log: https://zerobin.net/?ed675ba629aaf0f3#aEB2KVel66WsteiF12kxYkqPuTbhZoNXZSYN/J4Tzys=

Upgraded a “standard” TX3 4gb ram 1GBe (emmc install)to latest nightly matrix.

Just ssh’ed in as described above, changed to .update, wget the latest matrix nightly, sync and reboot.

I use mariadb as sql database and things seem to have gone smoothly.

As mentioned, did set a strong password for the web-control service for yatse (android control).

Only add-on that did not work, was dnstestleak and OpenVFD, which I suppose is just the gui-part, as the box shows correct time and the standard ~50c(that’s a “…” in itself but hey…cheap box). Either that or it keeps on guessing fairly correctly.
Any’hoo… Netdata is also ticking along.

Praised be the wholesome devs of CoreELEC.
Thank you so much for your time and thought you put into this.

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Since CE 19 and still present in the kodi 19 nightlies:
I’ve a medium sized video library about 1200 movies, 300 TV episodes (mainly Kommissar Rex!!) All the scans are on local information only (an nfo file for each video). Previously an update would flash by in a minute or so. Now it takes up to 20 minutes with an event log warning that “File failed to scan” with a 4 digit number appended to the error/warning message. I’d hazard a guess that theres a warning for every file in the library.


We need more debug information.
You have something strange in your locale settings.

Upgraded my t95n (s905x) to Android 7. Then did a fresh install of amlogic-ng and then upgraded to Matrix. Went fairly fluid, apart from some small hick-ups. Almost everything works, have one movie that won’t play anymore (it did on the non-ng build) but others I tested did. Cool new feature is the opacity of subs. Especially with HDR on, subs tend to be too bright. Would be even cooler if the opacity could be set individually for HDR and SDR.

Only thing I don’t love is the new boot screen. It does not look sexy on an oled screen. The background is grey instead of black and I’m not a fan of the red and green. The windows Matrix splash which is black and blue looks much better.

The issue with Confluence can be addressed by refreshing the addons, then it will update automatically.

I doubt a kernel log will be helpful. In my guess I assume it is an API limitations but without kodi logs it’s hard to say

Khadas VIM3L HTPC. Clean install. No remote working. When I enable BL301.BIN Injection and reboot device CoreELEC not start. Black screen. Not starting and Android. Indicates no signal on the TV screen.

Currently Khadas updated the bootloader blobs and injection is not compatible anymore. It’s know and will be discovery next days/weeks. Just use a older firmware until it’s solved. @Vasco knows what version was last working one.

You need to enable the IR remote by choose the correct toml file like the guide shows:

Only the second line should be needed.

I also launched the matrix on the X96 Max Plus
this box has no problems, it’s s905x3

However, on the Beelink GT-Minia 1 (a) they are

I am sending the log below.