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Please use this thread for general 19.0-Matrix discussion

Please remember to provide debug logs when request support by CoreELEC team:

Khadas VIM3l users

Please be sure you have a file /flash/dtb.img on your current eMMC installation before upgrade to CoreELEC-19-Matrix! Otherwise the device will stop booting and a recovery will be needed!

Open a SSH connection and check it by:

CoreELEC:~ # ls /flash/dtb.img

If the output look like this the system is compatible and can be upgraded to CoreELEC-19-Matrix. If you get a “file not found” please restore your system like with a Android image or a compatible krescue image before upgrade! Please keep in mind the VIM3L HTPC kit is including a not official image by Team CoreELEC so maybe it does not support the upgrade as well.


Is there anything I need to know before updating? Especially I mean addon compatibility:

  • OpenVFD
  • Tvheadend Client
  • Simple IPTV Archive (I guess it should not be required anymore, because simple iptv addon official got archive support)
  • Youtube
  • Netflix

No problems after update?

Be shure to do a backup before you do the update from 9.2.X
I did a Update from 9.2.6. and I can say these addons work fine:
-Tvheadend Client

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IPTV Simple Archive is not needed anymore because IPTV Simple does the same. For archive it needs extra addon inputstream ffmpegdirect.


Ok, anybody tried OpenVFD? BTW, what is correct backup procedure? I assume I can always downgrade to previous version

@TheCoolest ?

IPTV ARchive addon seems to be even not working anymore:

ERROR : Add-on ‘PVR IPTV Archive Client’ is using an incompatible API version for type ‘Addon’. Kodi API min version = ‘1.3.0/1.2.0’, add-on API version ‘1.0.12/1.0.14’
2021-03-02 11:38:58.288 T:4946 ERROR : IAddonInstanceHandler::CreateInstance: pvr.iptvarchive returned bad status “Permanent failure” during instance creation
2021-03-02 11:38:58.288 T:4946 ERROR : UpdateAddons: Failed to create add-on PVR IPTV Archive Client, status = 5

The answer is 2 messages above


I have now switched to the CE 19 Matrix version, it works stable and well, but my WiFi Remote works very fast, so it detects 2-3 times when I press it once.

I want a solution for this. What can I do?

Thanks for your help in advance…

Best regards…

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Is there some other default webserver port now? I am unable to connect at port 8080, thus, Kore does not work.

Did you enable it? Under Settings, Services, Control.

Kodi http webserver is disabled by default as it’s a security issue.

I updated from 18.9, it was enabled before update

Now it’s mandatory to have a user/password @giaur500. Configure that in CE and Kore and you’re fine.

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Please search the forum!

Update applied, so it’s even too late. I think I have no so much things to set up, so I don’t need to backup.

http://ix.io/1K8E .

Sorry and best regards… :slight_smile:

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