3D Frame Packed (MVC) output with CoreELEC?

Please have a test again and check if it works again!

As it’s a devel build best is to use a spare media to boot!
I did not try to run the image once…

No changes.
I have updated from the previous CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.4-Matrix_devel_20240606202141 or should I make a fresh install starting with CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.8-Generic.img?

Edit: Did also a fresh install. No changes.

CE-19, Kodi 19.5:

Please check if working.

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Hi thanks,

did clean install, keep getting"invalid format" on all files played & all settings tried (i.e hardware based, over/under…).

Sorry,does not work.
Playing iso, system hangs and playing mkv only audio and black screen,
Any change in System settings do no affect this.

Ok, then last test image for this week:

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Hi thanks,
But again does not work, has flashing colours on top & images like 2D

Thanks for effort again.

In my system both mkv and iso work with a problem.The problem is that the right eye image is much darker than the left eye image and therefore the 3d glasses do not engage it even if on the TV screen I can see the movie and the TV reports it is 3d.
Again any change in the settings do not cure this “strange” problem.
Thank you @Portish and CE team. I am sure you are on the right course


What does the TV report? 8bit or 12bit colour depth?
I create a new image with have proper force to 8bit in fp mode.
I can’t test myself till monday so it’s just trial and error.

This is the last idea what I have without debugging:

No idea if it get working now or still invalid format.

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The last one was 8bit, BT 709

Thanks again,
New one same issues as last one, image shows but 3D depth very low and with colour flashes on top, with 8bit/BT.709 info.
@Portisch you& CE team You’ve done so much this week thank you. Please take a good rest this weekend and we go again next week.
Thanks again.

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Please test if this is still working, it’s now at 19.5:


Yes, It works good with all mkv mvc, not iso though. And is 8bit/ .BT.709

Thank you.
Same here.

3D MKV MVC working. Sending the correct 3D signal to TV has some working to do. Sometimes have the feeling something is off. Mixed left and right eye or something else. I think it is because the TV detecting the signal wrong. Returning to 2d space after playback is not always successful.

So here a test version what goes close to the implementation.
Please have a test if it is working so far:

If there are HDMI issues please have a test with this image to:


First version gives blue screen when playing MKV MVC choosing ‘Preferred mode (same as movie)’ and plays normal if alternate mode - over / under selected. Playing ISO or ISO embedded in MKV container is working as above mentioned.

The first version works even when selecting Preferred mode (same as movie). All test mkvs work and ISO too, I download movies and check them. Rarely, but when the video starts, there is a lower black bar, if you stop and start the file again, then it’s normal. Only the Kodi 3D interface does not work. I haven’t checked the second one yet.

PS: The Kodi 3D interface also does not work on the second version.

I am not sure if Kodi 2d to 3d will be fixed or working ever. There is no focus on it.

I don’t think this is critical. And you can do without hardware 3D skin. Over/Under 3D skin work fine.
On the second version there is also a stripe sometimes