3D Frame Packed (MVC) output with CoreELEC?

what do I need to do?

Make a PR to ffmpeg to fix it. What software you are using?

In my opinion it is necessary to implement the correct playback of BD3D in ISO, because this is the only true version of 3d on disks, MKV with MVC is not standard.
Of mkv actually compatible with 3d standards is only Half Top-and-Bottom (OverUnder) and Half Side by Side. At half resolution 1920x1080 (each eye sees 1920x540 for OverUnder or 960x1080 for SbS) and MVC in MKV are supported by a limited number of players, but are not standard.

Half OverUnder and SbS video variants seem to be output to CE without problems already.
Half Top-and-Bottom (OverUnder) video variant can actually be in 1080i mode by the way

Yes i agree with @DMDreview , @Portisch the @Ray 9.2(3d) plays all 3d i e iso/mkv/m2ts in full 1920x2205, is reference point, can it help?

No. As I said first it must work at all before implement everything. It’s impossible to work it out without a 3D screen. My research on www did show last 3d components what would be helpful where produced last 2011. Even NVIDIA did remove 3d support in their drivers 2021. It’s dead!
I did found a 12 year old screen on www and did order it. As it’s private the screen maybe doesn’t work or I got cheated anyway and the money is lost.

So pushing around to get the support doesn’t help at all. I am just again only one click away to close this case again as it’s a waste of time in my eyes.


Too bad it didn’t get an easy fix for the 3d problem. I agree spending a lot of time on running 3d that 1-2% of users need is illogical, considering there is still room for improvement in the coreelec branch with dv.

@xmlcom @DMDreview I think that Portisch is trying to say that MKV is the simplest case to implement. Once, it works on MKV then it’s possible to add the complicated code for handling BD3D and m2ts.

Yes I apologize for being too pushy, sorry.

Tested latest build:test.mk3d-SBS and DTS Paint-OU works fine if you set to its stereoscopic mode. This is on gs king x. TIA.

I am too a 3D lover and own a Panasonic Plasma TXP50GT60E that i keep also for 3d.
I have installed @Portish latest build on homatics box r 4k plus.
I have more than 400 3d movies in Mkv MVC and in iso containers.
In Ce had , as reported previously by @xmlcom , to set in System setting 3d as upper/down preferred mode and all the mkv.mvc that I have tested work perfectly.
@Portisch you are making an amazing job even without a 3d display. I live in Italy and if I can be of any help for you, pls just let me know. To finish your excellent job you need a very good 3d Tv and, in my experience the plasma Panasonic are the best.
We only need support for Iso 3d and then you; @Portisch; will have accomplished a true miracle.
Maybe 3D is dead as many people say, but why Apple has just launched a device for an advanced 3d based on 4k and Disney is also relaunching the 3d format?
Many times I have compared my Plasma to my Panasonic Oled and sometime I have asked myself if all these quality differences really exist?
@Portisch please finish what you have started.
Thank you so much.

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Unfortunately in this mode (over under) half of the height resolution is lost, But yes, this is the working mode.

Just to be sure someone can confirm this is working please:

It’s a rebase of the patches on last 9.2.8. It’s just for testing if it works at all please.


Hi all working incl. Iso. Only 3D-full-MVC.mkv remains O/U. Url log not working so attached full log.
Many thanks.
kodi (1).log (1.2 MB)

No logs are required, just if it works or not. Will work on next lift to 19.4_rc1…

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Everything works beautifully including mkv.mvc and iso. Tested on 5 different mkv.mvc and iso.
I do not have the problem reported by @xmlcom regarding the mkv.mvc. They played as hardware preferred mode no longer needs upper/down.
@Portisch you and your CE team have done something I thought impossible to achieve after so many years.
Carry on and thanks thank thanks.
Using an old X99max+ device.

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Is there some .mkv sample which really shows 3D difference?
For ISO I’m using 3D.ISO.sample.with.pop-out.and.depth.iso which clearly makes visible difference.

I do not have any mkv 3d sample, sorry. Maybe you can find Hugo Cabret (2011) or A Christmas Carol (2009) or The Queen’s Corgi (2019)

Thank you. I think with this new samples I downloaded I see now more in 3D :slight_smile:

Here the next test image, based on 19.4_rc1:

Just to test if it still works…

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Unfortunately this one double image no matter the settings

So unfortunately it does not work, please let me know if you need any logs, thanks.

Unfortunately I get the same results of @xmlcom .
No go.