3D Frame Packed (MVC) output with CoreELEC?

Even in this implementation, this is a huge success, it is quite functional. You have miraculously fulfilled the dreams of many. Thank you.

What a treat all works on 1st one, Thank you @Portisch .
I’m on Confluence skin with over / under as 3D. We almost there :grinning:
2nd works as well @vortex @karmantyu change skin to Confluence see if the banding goes.
Also wifi/ connection is not there but I’m sure you know it @Portisch .

The second version handles HDMI output better, no blue screen. Preferred mode working. Something with the signal is sometimes off and the TV goes crazy. The black band darkened part of the screen @vortex pictured can appear. Also horizontal picture shifting observed.
It is a huge success, appreciate the work done.


Hi @Portisch the last 2 test files are no longer available for download, says mega.nz

Yes, because it’s a ongoing process.
New test version the HDMI issues and this black bars on screen should be solved:

I just have seen when playback mode is not set to ask it does not work.
So only use ‘ask’ for now.

You are right. Using “ask” mkv.s play well and do not seem to have problems. Iso play in 2D.
Thank you

Both ISO I have do play fine in 3D

Hi have you tried full movies and even chapter skipping, does it crashes? Mine does.

Mkvs play and also chapter skipping seem ok, but I only tested 2 movies for now. Iso only play in 2D in all settings variables. Had no crash at moment. Do you play iso in 3D?

Yes it’s all in mkv & iso, what’s your settings & cache I’m trying to rule out everything

This is black panther 3D mkv.
Honestly don’t know why keep crashing.

Settings are the usual . Only difference is ask in player settings.
I have used a new sdh on which have installed the original CE 9.2.8 generic image and then update with the last tar image from here. Maybe wrong procedure?

Edit: Tried also updating an original CE Matrix 19.5 ng image. Iso still play in 2D.
Strange because on the same device (an old X99max+ box) the CE 9.8.2 original generic image updated to @Portisch CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-devel-1717679789-9.2.8, everything works beautifully and never a problem (stutters, chapter, fastff etc).

Edit 2: I tried also homatics box r 4k plus and Ugoos am6b plus. In all cases Iso 3d movies play in 2D.
Because in this forum it seems that I am the only one with a Panasonic Plasma 3d and the only one with the iso problem, I begin to believe that there is some kind of incompatibility between the last test tar images and the Panny TV. Also, as I have already written, the 9.2.8 @Portisch version play iso in 3d. No problems at all.

Edit 3: Iso 3D problem solved. I had to change in player settings from “Play main movie” (my usual setting) to " show simplified menu" . This allows the “ask me” to appear once you choose the movie main title and consequently 3D is engaged…

Playback, HDMI handling is much better. ISO playback is OK, but playback is freezing after couple of minutes. (Tested on BD movie ISO MKVs) ISO-full3D-sample.iso and DTS Paint Symphony (DTS-HD MA 7.1).3D.MVC seems to playing with pink/red halo on the right eye picture. Thank You for the work done.

I have Black Panther 3D mkv mvc and have tried it skipping chapters forward and back, ff and rr, pause and restart. I never had a problem of stuttering or other type.
I do not have Venom so I cant test it.

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On which dev.tar is this?

The latest of yesterday.

probably my copy, will look into it.

Btw do you find CE-21 3D has more colour (better) than CE-9.2.8 3D. Use the face of DTS symphony file to check, thanks.

I dont think we have CE 21 3D but CE matrix 19.5 3D. Am I wrong?

Yes i had earlier 21 test also but any difference with 19.5 and 9.2.8 3D?
I see more colours than 9.2.8, test with DTS Paint.