3D Frame Packed (MVC) output with CoreELEC?

Lg oled c6- the last 3D + dolby vision tv.

do you use 2 tv for 3D and dolby Vision?

Yes. A Panny Plasma 2k for 3d and a Panny LZ1500 oled for 4k/Dolby Vision etc.

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Do you have any issues left for @Portisch to address because i think 3D is almost complete thanks to the Mr brilliant @Portisch :clap:

May be is dead, I dont believe it. Look at how many VR 3D sets are sold wordlwide specially for 3d games. Look at Apple and Disney who are reintroducing 3D movies. The problem is not 3D but the TV manufacturers and the glasses.
Long live to 3D, In my opinion the best Dolby Vision movie I have watched does not match the deep of field and the realism of a good 3D.

Not really. @Portisch is great

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Now it correct disable 3D when reach end of playback:


Thanks again Maestro Portisch

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I’m late to test & provide feedback, but most of all, just want to say huge thanks @Portisch for doing this :raised_hands:. Much appreciated :heart_eyes:.

I’ve been a huge 3D fan for many years & continue to be. Have close to 600 3D movies/shows in my collection. I’ll take a so-so 3D title over any flat 2D version, even 4K HDR DV, any day. Can’t beat the immersive experience 3D provides.

I tested the build before the one just above with random MVC MKV rips, a HSBS file, a HTAB title, and a full SBS title. All worked flawlessly for me. Need to still test 3D ISO’s. The 3D quality (PQ, depth, separation) is exactly like that (not surprisingly as it’s the same AMLogic MVC decoder) of Vero 4K+ & Vero V. I find Zidoo & Dune’s 3D quality better, but the convenience of having 3D support along with TV-led 4K DV in one player with Ugoos AM6B+ is a big win. It’s unfortunate AMLogic has said they won’t invest any resources in fixing the macroblocking issue (that affects the few titles mentioned) nor improve the 3D rendering quality. Still, having 3D now has made especially the AM6B+ an already great pure Kodi media player even better :facepunch:.

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Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’m currently a LibreELEC 9.2.8 user on RPi 3a which handles frame-packed MVC just fine but offers no support for files with a native resolution higher than 1080p. is it correct that with these new CoreELEC builds on (for example) an BPI-M5 I could play full SBS 3840x1080 movies frame packed to my Sony TV (which is a 4k display but only supports up to 1080 input in 3D mode)? If it can I’ll order one right away!!
Thanks for any sort of work being done to help 3D fans out here!

I have to caution that these are test builds and there is a remote possibility that this will never be merged into the mainline. With that being said, every sign indicates that CoreELEC will support 3D soon.

Hi 3DSarah,

if you mean by “play full SBS 3840x1080 movies frame packed to my Sony TV” that Kodi will convert a FSBS Source (3840x1080) to a frame packed signal (1920x2205), then the answer is no to my knowledge, since Kodi will not convert between any 3D signals (except for the initial MVC → frame packed, which this thread is about). The option menu is only for selecting, what the source material is, so that Kodi can treat it properly, not to select the output format. That’s if I am not mistaken, then please correct me.

But if by “frame packed” you mean anything exceeding the normal 1920x1080 frame and consider FSBS also a “frame packed” signal (which I do not), then the answer is: Yes, if your chipset (not sure if the S905X3 is supported for 3D and how long it will be supported for CE in the future) supports this build and the TV supports the incoming signal, it will output a FSBS source as an FSBS signal. This, by the way, should already be possible in the normal builds of CE (with some quirks like broken resolution of the menu after watching something), as the new development is for MVC source material, not FSBS/TAB sources. They worked (ish) before :-).

If you would also like to take advantage of Dolby Vision in all flavors (not together with 3D, as it doesn’t exist, but for 4k Movies), then my word of advice would be to go with a S922X-J Box. This chipset is also the main chipset CE is being developed for going forward, because the newer chipsets do not support Dolby Vision (yet, and might never). If you picked for example the Ugoos Box (AM6B+) mentioned in this thread ([Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs) you will be set for all formats currently available with lossless audio. It seems to become the gold standard for these kinds of boxes with CE right now.

Be aware of what Astrotrain said, 3D may in fact no make it into the main branch, but I am hopeful it will ;-). But if you only have already converted SBS material, it won’t matter to you anyways.

@Everybody: I just caught up with the thread, that happens when you go on a business trip after following the thread every day… I will do testing with the E6 approx. 24h from now when I get home, but I guess, the C6 already tested by @xmlcom is nearly identical, so it should work on the E6 without problems.

You answered my question well! In most usage I am watching true frame packed MVC encoded Blu-ray remuxes, and it seems with Kodi I’m still stuck with those as far as getting full resolution from my monitor’s 3D mode (frame packed over HDMI being the only way that I know of). If I want to watch 3D encoded any other way I can have the TV handle it, but it means cutting resolution in half.
So I will probably stick with what I have until my setup fails or unless CoreELEC eventually offers new functionality I can’t utilize currently. But I am still excited to see progress, it was certainly a worry for me that most of the tools needed are falling out of date.

Please have a test again on this image. It’s a stripped down linux patches including.
Most affected to test is frame packaging samples please:

Really, there is a chance that these 3D builds might not be merged with the DoVi cpm builds?
I’m curious why that would be?

If that’s true, maybe someone on the CE team could build something that would store both builds and allow the user to load/reboot quick and easy? Almost like a “mode” but with builds that need a reboot.

Most likely, both features will be merged by the end of the summer. They’re in separate builds currently because they are being developed by separate individuals. Each feature is quite complicated requiring extensive testing over many iterations. Once they are deemed complete, they’ll be reviewed for inclusion.


I tested everthing with the latest build you provided on an LG E6 (passiv 4k 3D) and didn’t see any real issues. MVC/Framepacked works, FTAB, HTAB, FSBS, HSBS work. 4k normal movies work, As for containers: ISO, BDMV, mkv/mk3d work,

There was one minor hickup, where the resolution broke when returning from an FSBS file, but it fixed itself after playing a MVC file and I couldn’t reproduce it. Another time it couldn’t play an MVC ISO and jumped back to the main menu. After a reboot the problem was gone and I couldn’t reproduce.

One thing I am not sure about if this is known/intended: If you switch the resolution to 4k under System/Display for the UI, this breaks everything once you start playing any 3D file (the resolution switch to 4k didn’t work in builds before last week, so I couldn’t test). The UI is wrong then, the file doesn’t play properly or at all, so nothing works (apparently it doesn’t like to switch back to 1080p 3D). But I remember it was discouraged to switch the UI to 4k anyways? It works fine for any non-3D content, 1080p or 4k, only when it switches to an 3D mode, everything breaks. If you play 3D content as 2D/monoscopic, then it plays the file, but the picture is both eye-frames in the upper half stretched over the whole width of the screen, so basically squished to the upper half. But the solution could be to not have the UI at 4k then.

The auto selection of the right 3D mode works almost flawlessly and is really nice! I only encountered one file, where it would pick SBS instead of the correct (H)TAB. But that could also be from some cached preferences after so much testing? Not sure. The particular sample is from the Kodi Samples page: HTAB-3D.mkv - Google Drive

Other than that I only see the macroblocking as mentioned before. I checked against a fresh rip of Gravity 3D direct to BDMV and it is still there, so the file wasn’t the issue. But as already elaborated, the problem seems to come from outside Kodi/CE’s domain.

Its quite fantastic overall!

Yes, because the meta data report block_lr and not tab. so bad sample and we can’t make magic happen. You need to start it once, pause and set in video settings the over under. On next playback it’s correct.

Tested and everything seems to work as before.
Picture and 3D quality seem improved but maybe it is only a “placebo effect”.
Thanks again @Portisch

The video playback corruption when setting the UI to 4K is a known bug in 4.9 that is unfixable and affects Dolby Vision as well.