3D Frame Packed (MVC) output with CoreELEC?

This will be 4.9 kernel only. Currently only Amlogic-ng devices and gxl (for instance S905x).
No chance for S912 unless 4.9 kernel can work with the libhybris hacks which is doesn’t.

I’ve got an Odroid N2, and I’d be happy to help test. I know this one won’t be a daily driver, and I’ll test this using a different card, leaving my working install untouched. I have the N2 hooked up to a 3D-capable projector already.

3d mvc results are inconclusive. One user reported it works another said it didn’t. So I have put this to hold for now.

I think a few more volunteers should test the 3D-MVC functionality, Maybe only my TV has the problem. It would be useful to collect more test data. So perhaps a pattern can be seen when it works and when it doesn’t. Best case would be that I am alone with the problem… :smile:

I will look at this some other time. I am busy right now debugging the h264 decoder.

I’ll test this version on my N2 and Mecool KM8-S905X box and LG 3D TV when I get back home at the end of the month, so be patient :slight_smile:

Man I want your life. Vacation, Vacation, Vacation…
You can have mine. Debugging, Debugging, Debugging…

Thnx, but no :slight_smile:

Sholander - I am very happy for your busy life of travel. However, have you had an opportunity to test this yet?

If not, I would be happy to. I know this is not a top priority for development, but if I can provide a result and help move it forward at all, I’d like to. I have the equipment to test it in the next room right now. Just a matter of putting this build on an SD card and popping it into the Odroid N2 that’s already hooked up to my 3D projector. I even have 3D ISO and MKV rips to test with.

Yes, with results that are promising, but not perfect. Compared to playback on a RPi3 the development for Amlogic SoC has still a way to go. We discussed all results with @Ray and he will probably have another go at it when development for OSMC gets finished. No need to waste time on this project before that.
But you are welcome to test yourself and report results.

That’s great to hear! I don’t have the build for testing, but I’d be happy to if someone sent it. That said, if active development is being held until OSMC finishes the feature, I’m not sure how much value there would be in it. It would probably make more sense for me to test at that time.

I can upload the test image for new installation, NOT update, if you want to test it.

That would be great. I have my main installation on eMMC. It’s my understanding that if I load a different Coreelec installation on SD, that it will boot to SD. If that doesn’t work, I can pop out the eMMC module and use SD to test this build.

Yes, install stable version 9.2.3 on uSD card. Manually update this version with this devel image.
Your CE version on eMMC will not be affected, but you can remove eMMC module before you start with this version on uSD card, just in case :slight_smile:

I have a Khadas Vim3L and Panasonic 3D TV – feel free to send me the MVC-build please :wink:

See the post above, follow those instructions and download “devel image”

FYI: I do not maintain this dev version that was supplied privately. It is a very old version based on some nightly code with lots of experimental osmc patches. It probably has all the potential harmful major issues we had prior to

I am aware of all that, and know that the mentioned version is ONLY for trial/test purposes.
Since OSMC has not yet finished work and published the final version, I do not expect that you’ll loose any of your time on devel versions.

Did a fresh install of on my Vim3L and updated to CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-devel-1594117628.

After reboot, the device is super laggy. Menu’s take around 1second for remote commands (IR and iPhone). Movies from 3D.iso also are around 2-5 frames each 10 seconds!
BUT though Kodi says 3D = Hardware Based and my TV also says. 3D, the image displayed itself is 2D !

This is a known issue we had prior to (CEC related).
The development build you used is older than this version, so this bug is still included.