9.0.1 Discussion


Did any of the colleagues have a problem with numbering channels in tvh after upgrading to version 9.0.1? I joined the screenshots several times higher (from March 08). Can this be repaired to keep the numbering in kodi as set in tvheadend?


skom, try to clear all pvr data and after that maybe will work. I think I had same problem in the past.


vpeter: Writing clear pvr data did you mean this button what on the screen? If so, unfortunately it did not solve my problem :frowning:


Yes, “this” button. Sorry it doesn’t work for you.


Do you have only Tvheadend installed as PVR client? If you have other, like IPTV simple client, it doesn’t preserve the channel from the server. And are all those settings correct? I can’t see the selection.


Vascobraga: Yes I have only TVH instaled as PVR client. Setting on screen

see https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/9-0-1-discussion/3954/159


No need to dwell on it. There are several guides available, so that everyone can assist in ensuring they have checked over the basics for themselves, and leave the devs with real bugs to fix. Just need to get a few more people to read them :smile:


This happens sometimes, last time I reinstalled Tvheadend I had lots of problems with the picons all wrong. I did the clear data also in the guide not only in general. And I did it several times and rebooted Kodi afterwards. And I mean several times. Only after 3 days everything was fine.


So suddenly tv freeze, cold restart and now unable to boot, please what to do now? Android boots but even pressing the button while power on does not work too.


Install on fresh sd card.


and lose everything, settings, backups??


how to extract my backups from ext4 sd card? unable to access sd with that ex4 partition in windows :frowning:


Sounds like your SD card has become corrupt anyway so you may have already lost everything, there is some apps online that you can download to mount an ext4 partition on windows.


CE is a read only operating system so it’s unlikely to have become corrupted.

I dont know of any addons that provide auto backup function.


I’ve got a few freezes just when watching TV (TVHE, timeshifting to RAM) and had to restart but now it’s been a disaster. What could have happened?


You are right! I should have started with that.
Well, I still have issues, so I created a new thread, more suitable for the issue. Thanks!


I noticed the keymap changed. I have a Logitech Harmony and used the Media Center PC/Microsoft Windows Media Center profile. Is there a place I can see what has changed and also why? Will this be an occurring thing with the releases?


What’s the command for that? @kostaman


Use File Manager to add Packages as a source. Better than command.
Add source / Browse / Home Folder / .kodi / Addons / Packages.
You can now access Packages from file manager and easily delete them.


@ mader
It might be a bit late, but I like diskinternals linux reader for reading non-windows friendly formats.