9.0.1 Discussion

Thanks for your explanation. Appreciated.

Could be a bad power supply or high temperature that cause instability and lead to a lockup of the system.

Hi! Thanks for your reply! The system does run pretty hot (around 60ºC) but it never crashes when running on https://libreelec.tv/downloads_new/le-potato/, so i’m afraid it’s still a CoreElec issue.

I have same problem with le potato and last version that work fine is 8.95.6.

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@jaffac @tortex073 I sent you both a message with a build for you to try for LePotato, let me know if it helps with your issue.

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After the upgrade to Coreelec 9.0.1 the numbering of channels in kodi is not preserved from the tvh backend :frowning:

Good evening!
Just turned my MINIX U9-H on. Appearently, I had activated the auto update mode, so 9.0.1 was installed when it had booted. Now I have serious issues with stability.

After some time, let’s say 10-15 seconds of scrolling through Kodi, it freezes and kodi restarts (just the application, not the HW). I had no such issues in 9.0.0 (or earlier releases)!
It doesn’t seem like an issue when the machine is idle (me not pressing any buttons on the remote), but as soon as I start pressing the remote, I have 10-15 secons on me before it the GUI freezez, with the application restart that follows.

Two questions:

  1. When reading this thread, I didn’t see anyone else having this problem, hence I believe it is affects some/one person. I will try to upload the logfile, if I am able.
  2. I guess I can downgrade to 9.0.0 in worst case, using the smb method when transferring the 4 target files to the update folder? I wish however to be to your assistance if this is something you want to look in to!

Logfile retrieved:
I do not know if there are eny of the errors causing the reboot in these logfiles. Let me know if I should retrieve the .old-logfile instead. Otherwise, I created one more logfile, just in case

As your using mysql have you turned on wait until network is up before starting Kodi in CE-settings?

9.0.1 is a minor update and should not cause the issues described above.

Just checked the “wait for network” setting, and it have been enabled all along.
So it is probably something else.

I am thinking of downgrading to 9.0.0 just to see if that works, but as I said, if you want to know more about this issue I will be at your service.

I’m not sure then as the log files provided dont show anything.

What version is your mysql server?

I am running MariaDB 5 (Kodi database version 116).

I have restarted several times now. I will leave it unplugged during the night, and plugin it in tomorrow and see if that solves it. I will also consider a fresh install of 9.0.1

my problem: Mecool K1 Pro, gxl_p230_k1_pro.dts
CoreELEC:~ # ir-keytable
/sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory
No devices found

@Frank make sure you do not have a remote.conf file inside /flash or /storage/.config, if you do then delete it and reboot, if you still have the problem then check you are not using LE dtb on CE.

I want to use another remote control. I need to be ir-keytable

I understand that, you still need to follow the instructions that I gave you.

Sorry for writing in this thread, but 9.0.0 thread was closed. Where can I download 9.0.0 version? I might need to roll back.



If your having issues then we would rather know about so we can try and help you.

Yes of course, it is my intention to provide any information needed. I will have another go when I come home from work and see if I can find something new.

I just want to have a plan B, and also consider a fresh install of 9.0.1! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support!

Hi @anon88919003, the very same thing happened today when I started the box. It works for 10-15 seconds, but after that it freezes, and then restarts.
The logfiles does not seem to cover that part. Doesn’t Kodi provide a logfile from the session before last session? Something called .old log file? Cannot find that in logfile directory. Is it something else you want?

This is a basic log file. I believe it will not tell you anything new!

I had an overheating problem with MeCool KIII, even CPU burn under Android restarted the box every time, replaced