9.2.1 Discussion

Please fix the problem, it’s been a few months!

Reboot your device
Play a file that stutters for a few seconds
Execute Command


Post the link to the log here.

Confirm CE 9.2.1 is running well on N2(EMMC)
Audio - hires flac OK
Audio - dts OK
Audio - flac OK
Audio - mp3 OK
Video - 4k HDR Atmos/DTS/DTSHD/TrueHD/E-AC3 OK

Most of my multimedia files are stored on NAS
NAS mounted as NFS-share
Some multimedia files are stored on SMB shares

My device is running 24/7 - no CEC issues
I use TV(Philips) remote via CEC or remote from my Beelink S905X box using remote.conf

Not tested:

Good job :+1:


I have the same issue, WOL don’t work since the 9.2.1 update…

Beelink GT-King here (S922X) - Since the update getting a lot of reboots on 720p Content - SD seems fine and 1080p too… I have had this happen once or twice following a nightly update, but a reboot normally fixes it.

Not this time - Not sure what logs to check or if I should enable any debugging or anything first.
EDIT - I use a NAS over SMB with MySQL setup - If that makes a difference

Mecool KIII Pro

I have a problem connecting via Filezilla (SFTP)
I enter the IP BOX
User -root
and I’m not getting a connection, where to look for an error?

From what OS and which FileZilla version are you using ?
On my Win10 PC with FZ 3.40.0 I have no problems connecting to my N2 with any CE build version…
If you can ping your box IP then first to check are you OS and router Firewalls

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Filezilla version 3.46.0
I have disabled the firewall, anti-virus

And can you ping the box ?

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I have restored CoreELEC to its default settings, and now it’s OK

thank you friend

Ever since I got my GT-King box a couple of months ago I’ve been having issues with certain video files. I was hoping 9.2.1 might fix the problem, but it’s still the same. The problem seems to be with .mkv files that have multiple frame rate/sample rate changes during playback. Not sure if it’s the audio or the video causing the problem, but when the frame rate/sample rate changes the video freezes on the screen for several seconds. This happens every time there’s a frame rate or sample rate change during playback.

If I play the same videos on Android + Kodi 18.4 or 18.5 they play without issues.

@umbala this will likely be fixed in the future, we have a new experimental kernel in the pipe-line that exhibits much better video playback with content that is problematic in the current kernel, unfortunately no eta but it will appear in the next round of nightlies when they start again.

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I have to revert to 9.2.0 because of 10 seconds delay when unpause video play. I have disabled the update notification but have to see 10 times a day “Update available”. How can I disable the popup? This is wrong - I have to have a choice do not upgrade and do not see this popup over and over again. Thanx.

Weird update - If I play an SD file first for a few seconds, I can then play the 720p without issue. :confused:

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I have an issue that if i play songs via airplay, when wifi is disconnected it freezes the whole player. i am using vim3

It is behaving weird for me i cant even play 4k videos it keeps on freezing mine is vim3

4K split into a quarter here as well. After downgrading to 9.2.0 there are major sound issues now. I assume this has to do with updated drivers?

Not at all, you need to select HDMI as your output audio device in Settings.

There is many posts already on how to solve the 1/4 screen issue.

Thanks for the reply. I thought CE was using the same kernel as the official firmware? If that’s the case, then why would video playback be broken on CE and not on official firmware?

Just to be clear, my issue is different from the one where you pause the video and it’s frozen on the screen once you unpause it. I have a lot of .mkv videos that are basically clip shows of dozens of short clips joined together. So the bitrate/framerate changes during playback because of that and that’s when it freezes.