9.2.2 Discussion

Correct, it’s only for suspend/power off. Default is to power off USB when device is off. With enable this option the USB power remain on even in power off.

It’s device (hardware) dependend if this option is supported or not.

Thank you, I didn’t see the topic about WiFi issues…
BTW it’s a TP-Link Archer T2U, should use a MediaTek MT7610U chipset

Can anyone provide this firmware: VIM3L.COREELEC.9.2.0.emmc.kresq?

Hi, anyone can tell me what Vesa display is made for?

Thx in advance.

For the VESA video modes (resolutions that different from the tv resolutions)

Vesa display resolutions use usually many computer monitors, so this mode is mainly for them.

Thank You. I almost thought its for VESA mounting standard. :smiley:

Ironically, also seen as native resolution on some (usually <= 32’) TV’s.

Yes, but VESA does not stand only for picture format/resolution. It also defines multiple horizontal/vertical frequencies which differ from standard tv frequencies (for old tvs 50/60Hz, and for new tvs 24, 25, 30, 50, 60…)
See VESA mode table

Downgrading will not fix or identify an issue with an addon.

Have you at least tried the Nightly ??

Krescue CoreELEC versions are not supported as there are unresolved issues.

You should have opened a thread in the add-ons category in the hope the Devs can identify your issues and along with Logs it can be fixed.

I have been experiencing the exact same issues with the Zattoo PVR addon. Have tried 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 and finally went back to 9.2.0. Teleboy PVR and Zattoo PVR come from the same developer. So there may be some coincidence here if other PVR are not showing the same behaviour.

Hyperion.NG under CE 9.2.2 breaks TVheadend-HW-acceleration

See Post #36 in this thread - Logs of the shown errors are 2 posts above this on:

Does anyone else use the Turn Off screensaver addon? It no longer seems to work when movies are paused, and I would love it if someone else could confirm it was not working for them also.

Hi, It seems that I have issues (lags) with certain encoded videos. The only common thing I’ve noticed about all lagging videos is that they have 3 Ref Frames.
The issue seems the same for 9.0.0, 9.2.0 and 9.2.2 CE versions.
My Hardware is Transpeed M96 Plus (S912 box)

Can some, please, advice?
Here is debug log: https://pastebin.com/eAfXeEWW
Here’s the sample file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/969vhjo5nfgpzkx/sample.mkv?dl=0

On the MINIX Neo U1 (Amlogic s905 SoC) – the Ethernet stopped working as of 9.2.2.

Prior to 9.2.2, I’ve never had a problem with the Ethernet connection.

I am currently using WiFi as a temporary workaround.

Any ideas for a fix to Ethernet?

Tested CE 9.2.2 stable on Tanix TX5 Plus Deluxe Edition (4/64/S905X3/1G): everything works.

Used sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit on 16 GB SD Card.

Hi can anyone suggest a usb WiFi adapter that is compatible with 9.2.2 cheaper the better. I’m trying to breathe new life into a old tx3 mini for use in a camper van

I have the same problem. Tomorrow i will try to update android firmware

Edit: Ethernet work fine after updated android firmware

Closing due to 9.2.3 release, further discussion here: