9.2.3 Discussion

@humaxboy I reported the exact same problem at the end of last year, it only happens very occasionally. No need to restart Kodi when it happens, simply play the video and stop it again.

@Roidy - thank for your reply! I see that both of us are using Sony Tv. The problem is for sure with refresh rate switching. As you said the problem occure very seldom.
I was playing with the setting in kodi menu : Settings/Player/Video/ Adjust display refresh rate
which was On start/stop (i think) so I’ve changed it to On start. I need some time to figure out if this helps.
@relkai - do you mean Disable Scaling GUI setting which is disable as default ?
Or maybe i should do first display calibration ?

Have the same Sony XE93 (European) and experiencing a similar case, it happened on a video rather the GUI when resuming. When I stopped and started again it was alright. Happens rarely.
I was on 2160p GUI, changed to 1080p/60 as advised here, couldn’t replicate again so far.
On default settings and 9.2.3. Just switched to the latest nightly and will watch this out.
I guess it is somewhere around refresh rate, however speculating here… interested to hear others’ view

No, I was talking about the whole GUI resolution, which is configured in “Settings > System > Video”. Maybe the scaling option also helps, but as I can barely see a quality difference between 4K and 1080p GUI I didn’t try another option.
Another benefit: The 1080p GUI is a bit snappier with smoother motions.

Is anyone else having sync issues after upgrading to 9.2.3? My GUI is set to 1080p (although in 9.2.2 it was set to 2160p, and fine). I’m getting sync issues that make me have to reboot the unit, and/or reboot the TV just to get things back to working.

Hardware is Minix U9H running Coreelec 9.2.3, 1gb Ethernet, HDMI to (4k UDH Visio P55-E1) TV.

I have a Vizio M60-D1 and don’t have any issues with 9.2.3.
You can find older releases here:

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I was able to find the “older releases”, Thanks for the link.
I’m assuming the issues have something to do with an incompatibility in 9.2.3 and my hardware (I think the weird sync issue actually started between 9.2.1 and 9.2.2, to be honest, but in 9.2.3 it was virtually unusable)…

Just confirmed (with 9.2.2) I can watch 4k again. Oddity is the issue was present in 9.2.3 even trying to viiew some 1080p movies.

In 9.2.2: I have the GUI set to 1920p and VESA Modes on.

I have x96 (s905x) 1Gb, 1000Mb, WiFi, after updating to version Coreelec 9.2.3 about once a day I see a black screen while the buttons on the remote are working, joining over ssh I see that the box is working (htop), when entering the systemctl restart kodi command, the desktop becomes visible, Kodi errors are not detected in the log files.

9.2.3 Update applied via CE update facility on Beelink Mini MX running from internal. All seems fine so far after several days use.

9.2.3 New Install on Nexbox A95X-B7N (first to SD then moved to internal). All seems fine so far after a days use.

If any problems arise I’ll flag them here.

Good work and thanks to the team.


Just found the samba server discovery is not working for me. I can not see any workgroup or computer under the samba service section. The command smbtree works in SSH though. Not sure if it’s the update caused the issue or something else. Anyone else?

Smb discovery only works with smb1 which is disabled by default since it is a security risk. You have to explicitly define the share or try to use zeroconfig.


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I have the same issue on my Magicsee N5 Max.

it’s been like this for a long time, and there are no skipped frames or anything.
I’m not sure it takes 1 minute in paused mode to see the effect, but it’s there and very annoying.

Thanks for the continued support team.

After upgrading to 9.2.3, my Roku smart TV no longer automatically switches to my box input when the device is turned on (I have it set in settings to do so). It has done so on all versions prior to this. It does switch only if i have the TV on already, but not when it starts cold, like i usually do. Any ideas?

It is a S905X3 box

So, you’re referring to HDMI-CEC functionality, correct?

Yes, that would be correct.

I downgraded libCEC to like on 9.2.1 as the newer libCEC version bring in more issues as it solves.

not sure how to do just libCEC, so will go back to CE 9.2.2. Thank you

Where can I enable it? Is it changed since 9.2.3? Not sure if I understood correctly. What I meant is I can not see the samba server of my NAS from CoreELEC, not the samba server service started in CoreELEC.

Under the standard Kodi system settings> Network > SMB Client > set minimum to SMB1, reboot and your NAS samba shares should be visible.

It would be better however to use the file manager to setup a direct access to your shares by choosing the smb as source and explicitly defining the server address and directory.