Thank you for this quick response. I am using single use coreelec on eMMC so I will not be updating Petitboot! Thank you very much for the information.

Just for yourself and others
It’s very easy to update.

Boot into petitboot
Navigate in menu to enter “Exit to shell”
Type: pb-update
Petitboot will be downloaded from Odroid Servers and on completion it will reboot
with the updated Petitboot installed.

thank you for this procedure. But for me no need is that right ?
I just flashed version without the Petiboot update as you told me and it works perfectly, coreelec works fine ! thank you.

You’re all good.
You are a single OS boot user .
You will not use petitboot.

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I think that you can find the answer here

Manual Upgrade

There won’t ever be an automatic upgrade from the amlogic to amlogic-ng builds. However a manual upgrade is fairly easy to do.

  1. Place the amlogic-ng update tar file into the .update folder.
  2. Create an empty .nocompat file in the .update folder.
  3. Reboot your device. it should proceed the same as a normal update at this point.

Like what?I always was playing with manual/auto settings and after of 2nd,3rd reboot suddenly it was updating ok.Now this doesn’t make the trick.I have the stable Vorke Z6 version.

I think he means nobody can read your mind. First say what you did then we can help you. There is only one way currently to update to All other update methods are disabled for ongoing issues. will be needed soon.

Isn’t there somewhere written to read the process?Something like OP.Many of us are newbie users.I saw some said about petitboot,tar and some to just choose 9.2.4 file,as is actually All this time i was just choosing from list on manual update!

If 9.2.4 works for you currently, there is no need to update right now, as it won’t give you any benefit.
Just leave your update settings to auto and wait for being released during the next days, to which your device will auto-update as soon as we activate this feature again.

Have you tried visiting https://coreelec.org/ and clicking Download, then following the link for Stable, then “Update installation”? Or wait as relkai says.

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Hello, I have a 4K TV, is it necessary to set the Kodi resolution 3840 x 2160 in the options or leave the resolution 1920 x 1080 by default ? Thanks for your help.

I can confirm that I had a very slow GUI issue on my K1 Pro (S905D) on the non .ng version of CE Each press on remote was taking around 10-15 seconds to see the reaction on the screen. I was already going to revert to 9.2.3 but I noticed some posts about disabling CEC and sure enough it fixed it. It’s a temporary workaround but it works. The bad thing is that you cannot do it via config.ini as K1 Pro doesn’t have it, but with some patience you can disable it in the Kodi settings.

Better to leave it at 1920x1080p.
You probably have less problems with it and auto resolution switching is going to work out of the box.

Thanks for the tips and quick response. Well done anyway to the whole team, coreelec on Odroid N2 + works perfectly :+1:

Good morning dear friends, my device is a ki plus mecool with a s905h processor according to what the info in corelec indicates, please, I would like the NG versions in my box … can you …? is there any hope i can have a more current kernel, if this is how i should do or who can i turn to so that a build can be created for my device … thank you very much in advance

NG is for GXL(S905X,S905D,S905W,S805X)
If your K1 Plus is working with 3.14 Kernel
Keep using it.
Otherwise consider purchasing an S905X3 box
Time for an upgrade of hardware

I have auto update turned on however, I installed CoreELEC on an SD card. Will the update automatically be made to the SD card or will it fail to update because it will search for a hardware installation?

Also, to avoid the numerous problems cited above, would a manual fresh install to a new SD card be advisable? I’m thinking that if anything goes awry I can simply roll back by switching SD cards.

Is there any chance that a member of the CoreELEC team could reply to the question I posted 2 days ago please? It doesn’t matter if I have to wait for It’s just the mechanics that interest me as I need to know how to handle updating given that CoreELEC has not been installed on the box itself.

I’m currently on 9.2.4 on my N2, and it’s working. Should I upgrade to to reduce the chances of it bricking, or if it hasn’t bricked immediately I’m safe, and should just wait for

Stupid question, but how do I install It’s not offering it via the coreelec configuration.