This is sad, the characteristics of the box completely suit me.

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That’s right, my old nettop has a Debian server installed and works well.

The S905 is a 5 year old chipset. The 3.14 kernel is ancient, and is starting to show its age.
The newer, 4.9, kernel we now use does not have support for the S905 SoC. Adding support for these devices is out of the scope of what we, as a team, think our limited time and resources should be focused on. So, if you have a CE version that works for your needs, you can keep using that version. If you want to progress with the times, then you can buy a new device, that the newer kernel has support for. Or you can try LibreELEC, with their mainline efforts, and see what that gets you in terms of actual day to day usability.

CoreELEC is open source, and any contributions to the project are welcome. So if you want to add support for the S905 SoC to the 4.9 kernel, you are welcome to do it, and open a PR for us to review.

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Thank you, the information is accepted.
But I’m sorry about this situation.

You can always repurpose your existing device to serve some other function in your home, you don’t have to throw it out. It can still be useful.

Is it true that S905X2 boxes have CEC issue and its on amlogic side? Especially as one have Panasonic TV. My CEC stopped working (in CE and Androide) while ago. I read about it on this forum, but lost link and cannot find. Any tip?

No it’s not Amlogic or S905X2, it’s Panasonic :wink:

Read about the forum. Most issues about CEC are related to Panasonic or AVR.
You can try a different libCEC version. Maybe it solves your issue:

It’s alive!

Thank You. :wink:


With 4.0.7? What exactly was the issue? Did not work at all with your Panasonic or only some parts?

Is there any likelihood that a v9.2.4.3 update with Kodi Leia 18.9 will be released?

Actually it will be v9.2.5. Soon.


Excellent, thank you!

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In the meantime you can try nightly to spot any problems before final release: https://relkai.coreelec.org/

Makes a good IP Camera Server. Slap a 2TB USB HD onto it and you have an NVR.

It works with 4.0.7. I can test it with 4.0.5 as You wish.

CEC didn’t work at all (with my Panasonic). I have Ugoos X2 Cube with dualboot CE/Android. In both systems CEC didn’t work at all. In CE after boot notification was appearing that modul CEC hadn’t been initialized. In previous releases up to 9.2.2 CEC worked out of box.

Hi. I have an x96 air and in the latest version of coreelec I disable the cec wake-up option and when I exit the configuration and re-enter it is activated again. It must be some kind of bug. Is there any other way to disable it?

Did you try to reboot after disabling CEC Wake-up, and see if it stays disabled?

I think it’s needed to reboot to get active…

New release 9.2.5: