9.2.5 Discussion

Please use this thread for general 9.2.5 discussion


Smooth manual update and all working great on my Odroid N2. Thanks CE team! :blue_heart:

Successfully updated:

TaNiX TX5 Plus - S905X3 - 4/64 10/100/1000 (CE-ng)
Turewell F2 - S905X2 4/64 - 10/100/1000 (CE-ng)
TaNiX TX3 Max - S905W - 2/16 - 10/100 (CE-ng)
NexBox A95X-B7N - S905X - 1/8 - 10/100 (CE-ng)

ANNOUNCEMENT: NON-NG devices are no longer part of my testbed.

Manually updated my Mecool KIII Pro (non-NG) from previous stable and update went fine. Haven’t done any extensive testing but the basics seem work. Thanks!

Why all manual?
Why no notification of new 9.2.5 version in CE?

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As usually if no critical issues then it will be enabled later for all users.

Manually updated and basic usage tested on:

Odroid N2
X96 S905X 2/16 (bootloader updated from TaNiX TX7 Android 7 ROM) (CE-ng)

So far so good!

Thanks Devs for your continued awesomeness. :smile:

Just to confirm that meson ir powering on box (x 88 king) finally works :smiley:
Also the ethernet is more stable. Not even close to 1 Gb but far better than before.
Thank you for your hard work

Successfully updated:
Beelink GT-King Rev B

The addon service.softcam.oscam is missing?.

oscam is not legal, at least it makes a violation of the provider terms and conditions.

No support here on this forum. There are many other forums out there what do not have such problems to talk about illegal sharing.


Updated fine on my Odroid N2. :grinning:

Upgraded on my N2+. It went smoothly. No problem at all. Didn’t get into each function check up yet. Will report later if I hit anything. Great thanks for the build. I just started to explore openelec started yesterday. I’m amazed by how complete and mature they are. Kudo to the team. I would like to join this forum and contribute for what I know. :slight_smile:

Updated went smoothly on MXQ Pro 4K, using the normal non-NG version.

Thanks for this update @alldevs
Updated a number of non-ng and ng devices without issues.

Your continued work is very much appreciated!

Updated without problems on Bqeel Y max 4/64.

Thanks for the update.
I don’t wish to sound picky but since 9.2.5 the Spectrum Visualizer seems broken on my S905W.
It was fine in 9.4.x

Successfully updated K1 Pro (ng). Bluetooth auto connect still doesn’t work.

Spectrum sprang into life after a couple of reboots and me looking at other visualisations.
Sorry for the false alarm.