The CEC wake up functions options are available in CE settings if using Odroid N2/C4 or a compatible device with bl301 injected.

Thanks, but can you control which version of the lib is used?

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After new installation of newly updated version of 9.2.4, my x96 mini (S905W)WiFi is not connecting anymore. Kindly help?

I put the new version in the update folder last night on my 4G N2. Everything seems to be working fine. I watched some TV from TVHeadEnd server (different machine), watched some videos from an NFS export over the network, and checked the weather.

I have k1 pro sd905d and try to install ng 9.2.4 but I have errors


Please do not reboot or turn off your CoreELEC device!

Found new .tar archive
Extracting contents of archive...  |/-\|/-\|/-\|done
Checking KERNEL.md5...  |OK
Checking SYSTEM.md5...  |/-OK
Update from 3.14 is not supported!

ERROR: CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20200731.tar is not compatible with Amlogic.arm hardware - update cancelled.

Current system: Amlogic.arm
Update  system: Amlogic-ng.arm

Create /storage/.update/.nocompat to disable compatibility checks and risk a non-booting system.

Cleaning up...  |done
Normal startup in 60s...   605958575655545352515049484746454443424140393837363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1NOW

When you read the hint about update from Amlogic to Amlogic-ng and also your log you will find the solution shortly.

I know that but is coreelec 3.14 need update to 4.9 with from tar file or fresh install?

I used tar method with nocompat to update my Amlogic Lepotato to Amlogic-ng on an earlier dev stage. I broke it.

I had some time to try with the diff libcec versions.
My setup.
N2 4G (9.2.4RC on emmc) -> hdmi -> old tv (samsung le46a956).
Reminder, my issue:
Turn off N2 with remote (suspend really), tv turns off = ok.
Turn on N2 with remote, tv turns on (ok),
but cec is disconnected, vol +/- not responding, tv vol at 100%.
If/when I reboot N2 all is back to normal.
Used to work ok @ CE 9.2.2.
I tried all 3 libcec libs, no change.
For now I let it run 4.0.7 (cause latest is “better”, lol).
No big deal really, and possibly has to do with my ancient tv,
but I thought better to report it.
Otherwise looks good.

I think you are being advised to do a fresh install when changing kernels like this :thinking:

There is the error needs a new installation!
Changing the kernel requires a new installation.
Make a backup backup and restore after the new construction in sd.

I installed 3.14 internal mmc. no use sdcard. How fresh install mmc 4.9

The hard-reset option in the CoreELEC configuration addon does not work, this occurs from versions prior to but has not yet been resolved in CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-

The soft-reset option has not been tested.

The old installtointernal is not supported anymore by 4.9. After you setup a new boot media with Amlogic-ng and restored you Android on the device you can try ceemmc tool for internal install.

Make a backup of current CE settings, restore Android by an compatible vendor image and boot Amlogic-ng first from uSD or USB. Then restore the CE backup and it should work.

Updated NG from 20200731 and put it through it’s paces across a range of uses and was not able to discover any issues.

I checked NG build on old MXQ Pro 4k (S905X, 1gb ram) and i’m getting a bootloop.
I can see CE logo and version in top left but that’s all.
Used dtb: gxl_p212_1g

You can try another power supply? I have seen this also when too less power is available.

There was a similar problem while the Android 6 firmware bootloader was standing.
I installed the firmware from Android 9 and NG began to boot.

I checked another power supply and still bootloop :confused:

Well yea, got android 6.0.1 on this box and there is no update for it.

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