You mentioned that you were using an N2 which automatically means NG (Next Generation).

Yes what am I supposed to change there? There are quite a lot of options

I’ve been getting random occurences when starting a 4K HDR movie/show gets stuck during resolution/frame rate switch on start and I only get a black screen. Latest nightly also does it, but 9.2.3 seems not to with exact same file. I’ll keep an eye on it, have to keep 9.2.3 running to keep the other half happy but will do some more research unless it’s a known issue.

Hi, will running on cron in the command: @reboot sleep 60; /usr/bin/python3 /storage/script.py ?
P.S. after starting or restarting.

filkint: busybox cron doesn’t support @reboot.

You can put your command in /storate/.config/autostart.sh script like

  sleep 60
  /usr/bin/python3 /storage/script.py

Does the “@reboot” command not work in cron?

Did You read the hint from vpeter ?
It´s not supported by busybox.

I read it, but I was surprised that this command works on my other devices.

Your other devices has full cron daemon.

Hello.Can someone guide me on how to set Bluetooth automatically connect to my device at start-up?

Enable BT in CoreELEC settings, go to BT menu, start pairing the remote, you should see your remote now on menu, select it, press OK and then Pair from a menu you get.

Something like that… On reboot BT remote will connect automatically. But I think you need to press at least one button on remote to enable BT.

System freezes when PVR Guide caching in local database is Enabled

Crash log is at ix.io/2xNM
AZW (Beelink) W95 (S905W) (2/16 Gb) box running -ng generic released version off SD card.
Tvheadend client on box accessing remote Tvheadend server on ethernet LAN.

Tvheadend works well if I don’t enable caching of guide data in local database. If I enable local guide caching the system will freeze when I attempt to enter the top level TV menu.

It will take 2 reboots to repeat the problem. Open the guide after the first reboot to load the guide data from the server. Then reboot again and enter the guide to load the data from the cache. Then attempt to go into the top level TV menu.
Also, I have the guide mapped to a button on the remote. Using this button will bring up the guide without crashing the system. However programs won’t play when selected. I can post another log with this happening if it would help.

The system will also freeze if I try to change the future days to display if more than a couple of days at a time unless I do it very slowly. This has been noticed by another forum member.

I did a fresh install and still have the problem.

Edit: Corrected crash log address.

RKCRLR, enable Debug log in Kodi and you will also get crashlog - this one would be interested to see because it will tell where exactly the crash happen.

I thought I did that for the ix.io/2xNM crash log.
So, I should:

  1. Enable debugging in Kodi
  2. Enable PVR guide data caching
  3. Reboot and open Guide
  4. Reboot and open Guide
  5. Attempt to open top level TV menu to make box freeze
  6. Reboot by unplugging power
  7. Upload crash log.


Edit: Oops, corrected crash log address.

Crash log for above procedure posted at ix.io/2yer

what about

Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff80020fcfd4>] sta_cfg_set+0xf4/0x250 [ssv6051]
Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff80020e24f8>] ssvdevice_init+0xd8/0x158 [ssv6051]
Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff8002126078>] generic_wifi_init_module+0x78/0x1000 [ssv6051]
Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff80090830a4>] do_one_initcall+0x44/0x130
Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff800913d910>] do_init_module+0x60/0x1d8
Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff800913f8ec>] load_module+0x1d4c/0x2290
Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff80091400a4>] SyS_finit_module+0xac/0xc0
Sep 20 12:36:55 CoreELEC kernel: [<ffffff8009082f9c>] __sys_trace_return+0x0/0x4

Please can you try again with this image:

If the problem still happen please upload the debug logs again, thank you!

is it possible to add support for CXD28xx tuners?

Hi, Some issues with http://jell.yfish.us 4K test sequences, looks desynchronising when I do access the main menu ? something linked to skin ? or codec ? thx , JP

Both problems still occur.
Crash log: ix.io/2yjf


The Kernel oops is gone now.
You didn’t include a kodi_crash.log in the debug upload.

You also can manually clean /storage/.kodi/temp by remove all log files in there. Then reboot and reproduce the error. Then the log & crash_log should be in this folder.