Thanks for answer but its not that. Everything is on and Yatse dont see host.I specially checked in 9.2.3 and its no problem. For now I’m back to 9.2.3.


Yes sir, I have wake up problem of my box, I can’t switch on my box through ir remote, I also activated manually injection bl30 blob in coreelec menu but in vain.

Are you talking about the stock remote?

Have you followed one of the procedures for setting up remotes?

Yes Sir, I m talking about stock remote, I followed standard procedure but I m rookie that’s why not successful.

So you have looked at all three of these threads?

Thank you sir, I will look into these threads, thanks once again.

And please don’t call me sir. You make me feel old :laughing:

Ok Bro. Thanks and Regards.

Yes Ma´m :innocent:


Could that be why I cannot scan any new content in CoreELEC but I can in Android? I doubt it because I can still download subtitles in CoreELEC.

I am using yatse for a while. No problem here.

This is definitely a problem in On 9.2.3, everything flies smoothly. I went back to this version because even the original remote got stuck somewhere :))

I was not able to scan for updates in my library with v9.2.3 either.


Just to report here: works fine on X88 Pro X3 (S905X3, 1Gbit, 4G ram) but only with 2G dtb. With the 4g dtb the board does not boot (confirmed by another user). I disassembled the board and it has 8 Samsung DDR3 chip of 4Gbit each, so it is a true 4G ram box.

Anyone else having problem with their remote control with this release? My TVs remote rarely works with controlling menus now, my keyboard works just fine, its only the signal from the tv through the soundbar down to the N2 that is trouble

check cec settings on all.

NG version or non-NG version?

Not sure what NG means?

What setting am I looking for in the CEC menu?

Settings/System, Input, Peripherals.

You will see CEC there.