A95X F3 Air Feedback Install CE

Go to Arthur’s VFD repository here
And use a95x-f2-aml-vfd.conf

Instructions HERE

Not required with the 2gb box.

Reset button is inside AV port .

Use Toothpick method to activate reset button and cold power boot.

reset button didnt work for me

You have the 4gb right ??

Or a remote.conf attached below.

Unzip it and rename it remote.conf

SMB and copy it to config folder :wink:


After reading through more posting, I understand your reply. Thanks. :ok_hand:

Just had my 24 HRS of running this A95X F3 Air 2gb / 16gb Model.

This thing is a real pleasant surprise performer running CE
(Android works great for what i use it for eg: Youtube and some subscriber Apps)

Automatic frame rate switching works using AFRd Auto Frame Rate Daemon
By Default Root Switcher is turned ON
Just Install the AFRd Apk

Price: Under USD$30.00
The 2GB version has both 2.4 & 5Ghz Wifi which is not advertised when purchased.
On the bottom of the box it only reads 2.4Ghz as well.
It’s smooth and fast user interface with really good speed SD Card Reader.
Running CE using a Samsung EVO Plus 32GB sd card is as fast as any comparable higher priced hardware I own.
Remote works great using Amlogic remote.conf.
Powers Box ON /OFF.
The Factory Remote also has Learned Feature to learn your TV ON/OFF Volume/Mute
CEC all works with my Sharp Aquos Quatron TV.
Only glitch is when TV is turned on i have to toggle between HDMI source
back to this box port to wake it up and it powers on.
If i power on the box it powers on my TV as set in CEC settings.
VFD all good with Arthurs addon and a95x-f2-aml-vfd.conf

The BAD :
Typical Chinese Low Quality Control in assembly of the Heat Sink.
I’ll probably fix this when i get the motivation.
See pictures supplied.
This box runs into high 60c to 70c Network Movie Library playback .
I set the Governor to On Demand and that got it down to Low constant 60c
The other annoyance is the LED light is always on if it’s booted
in CE OS even when box is powered OFF.
Bluetooth chip (MT7668) is currently not working with CE.

I’m using that box with 4 GB RAM 3 months and can’t say bad words. For around 30$ with CE it’s very good deal. The only one thing I did is disconnected RGB led light. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t you missing two big cons?
Bluetooth chip (MT7668) is not supported - not mfr’s fault, just not supported ATM
Encrypted bootloader

I added the Bluetooth CE issue in my post.

Considering i payed under $30.00 USD delivered,
Spare change can buy a cheap Bluetooth USB adapter.

Encrypted Bootloader is not an issue for me.
Not sure if my Box with the CURRENT Firmware Dated 9th March 2020
has an Encrypted Bootloader ?
Standard ToothPick SD Card CE Installation worked straight away.

The IR On/Off remote code is hardcoded in the bootloader as it should be.
No ON/OFF issues with CE.

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Thanks for the great info. kostaman :+1:

Hello friends, is there a way to record it in the internal memory ??? try with ceemmc -x, -v, and it does the process but does not start, it works only from SD, any solution? bluethot doesn’t work either.

Thanks in advance.

Disclose your hardware specs
Disclose your Android Firmware Version Date

I haven’t tried eMMC CE Install
Nor will i.
So have to wait for someone to reply who has LATEST Android Firmware.
They may have unlocked the Encrypted Bootloader on Latest Firmware.

Forget about the Bluetooth Fix in the foreseeable future.
Adam tried with hours spent on it.

Under $5.00 for a Bluetooth USB adapter.

Thanks for the detailed steps, I am able to get it running A95X F3 with latest nightly build, how CoreElec benefits over pre installed Kodi available in the Android OS.
Heat issue exist any better solution found.

Just curious to know

The biggest problem with these boxes is the the casings are so small that heat is trapped within the box.
I took the top section of the case off and ran it with as normal for a couple of hours.
The temperatures dropped to the low 50c and high 40c.

I have stripped out the top case LED and 2 bits as shown in my pic below which helped reduce temps by 10%.

I only use Android Kodi to compare if issues in CoreELEC are found.

CoreELEC runs much cooler than Android Kodi.


I always find it bizarre that design is often put before function with these boxes. Seems to me that with better ventilation and a cheap but functional heat sink many boxes would be much improved?

Are we seeing a convergence of SBC’s (single board computers) and TV boxes? Seems that Beelink have gone down the PC route but I’ve no idea what they’re like as I can’t afford one!!! Well for £200 you can buy a good dedicated PC secondhand. Small but powerful would be bliss though!

Anyone trying successful bl301 injection i try but everytime brings an error

What is it you are trying to achieve using bl301 injection ?

I want to achive normal turn on and off with remote because i use it on non cec tv and if i turned it off i must reconnect power cord to turn it on

I don’t have that issue.
I have the 2gb / 16gb model.
Check your Firmware too.

The supplier sent me a new firmware for my box, A95XF3 Air Android 9.0. 4/32GB
A95X_F3_AIR_20191125senk.rar 890 MB
Contents in ths zip file are:-
5 items, 1.02 GB in total ・

905X video.rar 137 MB
A95X_F3_AIR_20191125senk.rar 890 MB
USB_Burning_Tool_v2.1.7.0.zip 7.66 MB
tool_SD.rar 3.43 MB
tool_USB.rar 10 MB

Let me know if anyone wants it.