A95X F3 Air Feedback Install CE

I don’t have that issue.
I have the 2gb / 16gb model.
Check your Firmware too.

The supplier sent me a new firmware for my box, A95XF3 Air Android 9.0. 4/32GB
A95X_F3_AIR_20191125senk.rar 890 MB
Contents in ths zip file are:-
5 items, 1.02 GB in total ・

905X video.rar 137 MB
A95X_F3_AIR_20191125senk.rar 890 MB
USB_Burning_Tool_v2.1.7.0.zip 7.66 MB
tool_SD.rar 3.43 MB
tool_USB.rar 10 MB

Let me know if anyone wants it.

There is a file name: password.bin which may be needed (loaded into) when using USB_Burning_Tool_ whatever version.

Hi, Just a quick question, I have purchased one of these. Got coreelec running with remote and vfd working etc.

You noted that the LED is always on even when you switch it off, Mine is the same, I assume the box is completely off because it displays “no signal” on my TV.

Is it safe to just disconnect the LED wire from the board to stop this?


If the Led is not off, then the box is not completely turned off. If you can turn it on with a remote than it’s also not completely off.
No signal on display, only means that video output via HDMI is cut off, nothing more…

Are you sure? The reason I ask is @kostaman has noted the same.
This happens when either powering down via the menu in coreelec or via the button on the remote.

When turning it back on from this “off” state it goes through the whole boot process again, It is not an instant on.

Yes, I’m sure. It’s not in a complete Off state if the LED is ON. It’s in standby state, ready to be turned on via remote control, WOL or CEC.
When the box is in complete Off state, nothing of mentioned turning-on method is possible.

I did it and everything is ok. LED disconnected from board without problems.

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Ok so basically the box is never truly 100% off because it always needs to be able to receive the “command” to turn back on?

But in essence the fact that it is going through the whole boot procedure and not instant on means that it is as “off” as it can be? So the fact that it has a little always power running through it is the reason the light stays on?

That’s great thanks for letting me know you haven’t had any issues doing that.

Yes, and yes. There are basically 3 states, “Sleep” or “Suspend” - with (almost) instant-on state, “Deep Sleep” or “Stand By” which boots to on state and complete 100% Power Off.(cutting the power to the box)
The Power menu option in Kodi to “Power off system” in fact brings it to Deep Sleep or Stand By state not to 100% power off.

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Excellent, Thanks for the explanation. Guess I will just unplug the cable to stop the garish lights :slight_smile:

Or mount a switch on the power line going to the adapter, as I do; much simpler that de-soldering the LED :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help, I actually just finished de-soldering them :laughing:

Talk about paranoia, I assume that blue light (likely from the VFD) on the front/underside was always there and I just didn’t notice?


Hi kostaman, which firmware version you have in box?

I have the 2gb/16gb

I just got one of these a95x f3 air boxes setup (2/16 version). This does have 5ghz wifi which I’m using, and it works well. The wifi was listed on the back as 2.4/5GHz.

I’m using the remote.conf and vfd.conf in this thread. With this remote.conf, it mostly works, but the page up/page down keys don’t work, and the repeat doesn’t work. So it’s hard to scroll through long lists. Has anybody gotten those to work?

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Thanks, that worked, and it’s much better.

I didn’t even notice those buttons on the left aren’t page up/page down but rather youtube and netflix buttons. I have a similar remote for another box that is blue & grey with page up/page down. Maybe I’ll figure out how to remap them eventually.

its very hard to follow

Don’t use old Nightlies mentioned in an old post.

Remote works better with this post i made

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