Amlogic hardware acceleration


I have problem with Hardware acceleration.

After playing h264 video I can not sometimes play next video. I can see only “loading” symbol and nothing happen. It does not matter if I choose “next” during playing or stop and play another video. Sometimes it happens when I want to play second video file, sometimes after playing 10 files, sometimes it is after few minutes of watching, sometimes after 1 hour.
BUT when I disable Hardware acceleration I can play that videos (of course jerky due to no HW decoding). Restart only Kodi helps, but it is like I would start the device - the problem rises sooner or later.

I have for example 1,3 GB of free system memory on 2G RAM device. So Here can not be the problem, I think.

I have played with advancedsettings.xml with any settings of memorysize and it did not help.

Is not there problem with memory for GPU? Or some bug in hardware decoding? Or somewhere insufficient buffer? I have this problem since I have Amlogic devices (months/years) and I can not find the problem.
I have tried it across many older and new/nightly builds and the result is still the same.

I have 3 Amlogic devices with the same problem.
X96(S905x) 2/16 GB
X96mini(S905w) 2/16 GB
X96 Max+(S905X3) 4/64GB

I have also 3 Raspberry Pi3B+ with Libreelec distribution and there is no problem. Settings, media library, plugins are the same or very similar.

I am trying to find any help here, because I am desperate.​​​​​

Thank you very much!

I, as MANY other users have those boxes which have no problem running with hardware acceleration. First thing I’d try is a fresh CoreElec latest image instalation, WITHOUT any addon, with default settings, and see if there is still a problem.
If yes, then read how to collect and send debug logs:

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If, after what Sholander has specified there are still issues, then a sample clip of a file might be useful to upload for testing as we have no indication of the type of X264 files you are using.

The free avidemux is great for a quick and easy way to extract a short clip for uploading.

Friends, I found the problem! The problem causes plugin Spotify, respectively enabled function “Enable this device as Spotify Connect target (experimental)”.
A year I have tried to find the problem and after your answer I knew that problem is somewhere else, than in Corelec itself.


And hint for others: be careful with this plugin/function

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