Amlogic-ne, New Era

Someone with a Amlogic device with S905W2 SoC can please run:
cat /proc/cpuinfo | paste

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Getting back the old TV?
Getting a new box / SBC?
Or just provide logs so things can be fixed?
Looks like you need to delete some lines from a file (autostart or… :roll_eyes: Can’t remember now).

See here if a solution pops out:

We are currently try to solve issues with vsync what might take a while.

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Confirmed, screen tearing at 4k when scrolling through movies and music selections.

GT-king 2, latest nightly


This is only my opinion : I understand you. But, staying with the old Soc does not prevent CE from working properly. Anyway to take advantage of new features like AV1 decoding it is necessary to get a more recent SoC. So the choice of the devs does not shock me more than that. It’s not a business after all. Keeping track of all the material over time seems difficult to me. As long as it’s functional on a maximum of equipment, I think it’s already beautiful. And I think it’s legitimate to focus on the latest hardware. Which will provide a better experience anyway. Finally, once the bugs have been fixed and the HD Audio drivers delivered. :relaxed:

So logically stick to 1080p artwork, (does it matter) until a new soc is released and supported for a while. S928X maybe, I don’t know what plans are for these things, just stick with what you can do and wait or go spend big money on a nuc or something.

Yup I run my 4k plus at 1080p and gui is not rendered correctly.

Could it be you’re tv upscaling and causing issues? Hdmi? Overheating when putting a lot of cpu into the gui? I just have basic c4 skin and no problems with anything. 65" high end samsung qled

Issue resolved with today’s update. Thanks for the responsiveness guys. :muscle:

Hi Mark,
The problem I illustrated above is now solved. On the other hand, as already mentioned, there is a limit linked to Framebuffer (fbdev) which causes other types of artifacts that you will notice if you display your interface in real 4k (disable CE scaling in the settings display and restart).

Subject partly mentioned here: Render 120Hz GUI


you can also put the TrustOnX Player (TOX3) S905X4 here, NE works flawlessly now that LAN wired (eth) connection has be fixed via included drivers.


Thanks for Corelec 21 Omega version.
My device Gt King II.The result of my first tests.
CoreElec 21 Omega Test
Wireless ok but slow
Disneyplus OK is playing freezing
Netflix Widevine 64 bit is not loaded. Inputstream and Widevine give 32 bit error
Bluetooth is connecting
Dvb driver ok
Corelec warehouse is not connected


Wireless speed measurement
Note: My Internet Speed Fiber 100 MB

Widenvine looding

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CE Kodi 20.1 Wireless Test with Nexus

Just installed 21 nightly on my S905X4 device and can confirm both Disney+ and Netflix work with the new 64 bit widevine cdm provided with Disney+ addon by matthuisman
To make Netflix work, you have to go to inputstream helper addon Settings → Debug → Disable Inputstream Helper.
With that setting, Netflix plays fine. No need to edit inputstream helper code

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Thanks, :pray:

Wireless speed is ok with today’s update

Wireless slowed down after today’s update.
Test device Gt King İİ


There was nothing changed in Wifi, use a cable…

I returned to the software dated 20230322
Wireless test
Test device Gt King İİ