Amlogic-ne, New Era 6 version of the problem solved. Ok the key is on playback.

Looks like related?

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Yes the same problem.

It was said quite early in this thread but I’m pretty annoyed that my ODroid N2+, which was the recommended device when I bought it pretty recently, is currently not going to be supported for Kodi 21+. I get it, new features need newer kernels, etc. but if you want people to actually get on board with the project you can’t deprecate flagship devices after 2 years.

My previous device was a Minix U9-H and that was also deprecated pretty quickly after being “recommended” by this project. So now I need a third device in under 5 years to continue getting new versions? That’s just madness. And “but your old version will continue to work” is not a valid argument because it’s not true - most popular plugins are generally only supported for 2 versions of Kodi (current + previous) so not being able to upgrade will cause features to break slowly (streaming services being the most obvious examples).

What actually needs to happen for these former flagship devices to be supported? Support from the chipset manufacturer? If they aren’t forthcoming with that then maybe the project should look to alternative hardware to support, or at the very least stop recommending these devices.

I don’t understand? There is a CE-21 alpha1 N2 image there for download?

??? What are you talking about? I run “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-21.0-Omega_nightly_20230428-Odroid_N2” on my N2, so I don’t believe that it does not work on N2+…

The confusion comes from Amlogic-ng being noted as EOSD and the wiki hasn’t been updated so it does appear that it will end with the v20 release.

Yes, No issues with Kodi 21 nightlies. The problem is specific to LE/CE

Hi everyone.

I have a few questions:

Is it possible (in the near future) to have Dolby Vision compatible CoreELEC with my UGOOS AM6 Pro?

If not, would a Nokia 8010 do the trick?

Does CoreELEC support Dolby Vision FEL? If so it’s crazy!

someone having problem with IO throughput?

I use emby addon for kodi on database sync when database save information system hangs.

2023-05-02 19:41:25.162 T:3268     info <general>: EMBY.database.dbio: ---< DBCloseRW: video / 12735 / worker_library rows updated on db close
2023-05-02 19:41:25.221 T:3268     info <general>: EMBY.database.dbio: ---> DBOpenRW: video/worker_library

In system

%Cpu(s):  0.2 us, 42.1 sy,  0.2 ni,  4.2 id, 46.6 wa,  1.8 hi,  4.8 si,  0.0 st
MiB Mem :   1979.5 total,    946.3 free,    975.3 used,     57.9 buff/cache

I don’t have this kind of situation on earlier boxes with S905x1, x2, x3 only with X4.

Is there a way to check emmc IO?

I also booted system from USB that work in antoher box, still hangs.

As @emveepee said, the wiki says ODroid-N2(+) is not supported. If that’s wrong, great, but of course it should be updated.

What’s the difference between the Odroid_N2 and Odroid_N2L images?

Where exactly so it can be corrected?

Images for different devices.

Where I can find information about the best Amlogic-ne box?
Many thanks,

Do a search for Dolby Vision. It’s in there.

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I have a Beelink GT King S922X. I’m a bit confused I thought the S922X was a better processor than the S905X4? Seems strange that ne isn’t planned for it. Am I stuck with ng & no Dolby Vision?

It is but it’s “old” design. Since S905X4 a new processor structure is used and this cause a lot of changes about hardware registers and handling.

About DV: your device will never support it as it doesn’t include the licensened SoC for it.

One question about that: If we purchase a licensed device with DV support in it’s pre-installed Android, can we just copy this libdovi library to the other our device (with the same SoC & CoreELEC installation) and just point to it like what InputStream Helper addon does?

With non-licensed SoC of course no.

Hi! Any luck with your HK1 Box?