Amlogic-ng and Dolby Vision

Team CoreELEC is proud to announce that the upcoming new CoreELEC 21-Omega Amlogic-ng-dv device will support Dolby Vision as well.

By working hard on the Linux Kernel configuration to port it from ARCH arm64 to arm it was possible to backport needed modifications from Amlogic-ne to Amlogic-ng-dv to be able to support Dolby Vision.

Supported devices: Minix U22X-J (Max), Ugoos AM6b

This special CoreELEC device Amlogic-ng-dv will only support these devices listed above!
There are no other device trees included as they are might be incompatible with the new needed ARCH arm.

Do not ask for other devices as they will not support Dolby Vision at all. This is because of the license missing burned in of the SoC itself.

How to update/install

A clean fresh new install is always preferred. A update from another device like Amlogic-ng.arm can lead to unknown issues or even worse to a non booting system. Please follow the Wiki how to install CoreELEC.

Updates from or to Amlogic-ng to Amlogic-ng-dv or vise versa are not allowed as it might lead to issues because of the different ARCH.

For more information about CoreELEC and Dolby Vision please click here.


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