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I’m having this crackle noises too. I’m thinking for buying soundbar for all audio format to be pass-through, not only Hi Def audio.

VIM4 with the latest nighly “NO” build.

Unfortunately I don’t think a soundbar is likely to help you here - Kodi will still be sending the audio as LPCM, and so you’ll still have the problem.

Instead of buying a “sound bar” why not use NG or NE until NO is fully functional?

@sPOiDar , When playing a movie that has Hi Def audio format as DD+ or DTS, pass-through work as expected and i can’t hear any crackle noises! Everything is as expected. But, when playing something with standard formats as: mp3, aac, flac… crackle noises are back and very irritating.

@bazzle , you are right. NE build’s will support Kodi 21 too, so maybe the next year we can use stable NO build. In the NO build, i can’t see the setting for VIM4 Fan control that NE has in the CoreELEC addon, Hardware section.

EDIT: I have found a partial workaround: If you set Audio Device to ALSA:AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI with number of channels to 2.0, then set Stereo on all channels to ON… Lastly turn ON pass-through and set Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding to ON… Audio of the flac songs in my music library and the sound from YouTube addon videos is trancoded to AC3 and sended via pass-through to my TV, without any crackle noises! I hope this will help someone, until this bug is fixed.

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NG/NE is not fully functional on this hardware either - our choices are either to have working hires audio (and formats that depend on it, like TrueHD/DTS-MA HD), or to have working LPCM at regular sample rates, or so it seems currently.

Will there be a -no release for coreelec 21 stable ?
(Not asking because I’m impatient : asking because the code might not be mature enough until a 21.smthgh)

Also, does -ne have the HBR audio fixes for A311D2 or they are only for -no?

One technical (not impatience) future stable target related question:

Is 21 NG to NO or 21 NE to NO upgrade planned to be a minor ~/.update tar file upgrade or will a major fresh install (with possible user data backup restore suggestion) be recommended?

I know 21 NG is 32bit (and 20 NE migrated to 64bit without need to fresh install, just to replace few binaries such as widevine), so, I wonder if, once 21 NO will be stable, if fresh install can be arranged to be avoided.

Have a nice day and thanks for incredible good CE!

Can I use NO dtb in NE 21
I have issues with remote in NE 21 but is perfect in NO
No didnt work, eth also slow.
edit: I use WMP remote with no remote.config.

Different kernels
Maybe will work

Or maybe swap/replace remote config files in NE with config files in NO

Update 21 Omega NG arm seems to work properly with WMP remote :slight_smile:

I will keep trying NO on my X96max+ from time to time to see if vid and sound issues are resolved.

How to build a ce no?
It’s about the make command, because by default it compiles ce ne.
Something like this or something else: PROJECT=Amlogic-no make ?

NO device is part of CE22 which is not available yet. Soon on Github.

Thanks for the clarification.