Amlogic S905X3, S905Y3, S905D3 thread

Transpeed X3 Plus seems to be 100M LAN only, no GBit (based on the info on the transpeed official store on Aliexpress)

Well,for the H96 max + 4gb ram 64gb the passthrough isn’t working fully yet. Dolby True HD and Atmos etc doesn’t work. So far only dts. It also seemed like 5.1 didn’t work.

As far as I can see now is for your device ( S96 Max Plus S905X3 4/32) no stable version of coreelec available. Maybe a nightly build. So I suggest before buying a S905X3 device, to look first if there is a stable coreelec version available.

Please don’t spread misleading information!
Passthrough works fine. You need to check your passthrough settings, make sure you’re in Expert mode in the audio section.
Version 9.2.3 supports all SoCs currently available.

@TheCoolest well maybe I am wrong, but I can’t install the stable version 9.2.3 on my h96 max + 4/ 64 as I far as I know.
The nightly version contains the sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb that worked for me.
This dtb was not in the stable version as far as i remember. But i have to double check that when i am home.
On my h96 max + 4/ 64. I couldn’t get the stable version working as i said, also not when using the dtb from the nightly version. So if you could help me out here that would be great!
When I am home i can make you a picture of what the nightly version is able to passthrough in expert mode.

Well I wish you were right @TheCoolest ; And I know how annoying misinformation can be!!! I bought a android box that I thought was able to audio passthrough when I read your forum.
The working dtb for the h96 max + 4/ 64 is removed from the latest 9.2 nightly build 20200626. It can be found in the 20200616 generic version.

All i said ; (to prevent people buying an s905x3 device) to check, if its actually really supported. But so far the information in this forum has been misleading to me. But again, maybe there is something I don’t know, and if so I would like to have support on that.

Transcoding ON ?

OFF correct for passthrough

As I see you use spdif for passthrough…
It’s not possible to passthrough Dolby True HD or Atmos via spdif… In that case you should select correct settings for transcoding in the top part of settings.
If you use HDMI then you selected wrong passthrough device

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Thanks didn’t know that. But that unfortunately doesn’t make it passthrough DTS-HD, DTS-X, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby ATMOS

These formats don’t work via S/PDIF that you have selected; you must use HDMI output for them to properly work.

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Ah thank you Sholander and @boot2k3 , you are hero’s! :pray::pray::pray:Now it works!!! It always worked immediately on my Beelink GT1 Ultimate, so I falsely assumed it was due to the nightly build. Sorry my bad @TheCoolest

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Anyone with an S905X3 can confirm that multichannel PCM works with the stable or even nightly build? I have a cheap X96 Air box with S905X3 SOC, but I could not get LPCM to work. Only left and right speakers are working. My settings are the following

  1. Audio output device: ALSA:AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI Multi Ch PCM
  2. Number of channels: 7.1 (tried 5.1 too)
  3. Output configuration: Best match (tried optimized and fixed too)
  4. Stereo upmix: off
  5. Allow passthrough: off

Multi channel PCM is supposed to be working according to this thread.

Test and working on my Vontar X3 with 9.2.3 using the Dolby TrueHD 7.1 sound check demo file (here).

My settings are as follows:

Audio output device: ALSA:AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI Multi Ch PCM
Number of channels: 7.1
Output configuration: Optimized
Stereo upmix: Off
Allow passthrough: Off

What is your device connected to? Most TV’s won’t passthrough multi-channel PCM so you need to be connected directly to your AVR.

The thing is most recently due to a power surge my previous media center box (Zidoo X9S), AVR (pioneer VSX-1131), Wii and router all blew up. My TV’s HDMI port stopped working. Could not replace so many expensive things all at once. So I decided to use my old amplifier which accepts only analog 5.1 inputs. I bought the cheapest X96 Air box and a 5.1 HDMI Audio Extractor as a temporary measure until I can upgrade. X96 is connected to the 5.1 HDMI audio extractor.

So either X96 Air is not sending LPCM or the cheap 5.1 audio extractor is not picking up all the channels. Don’t know which one to blame. But seems like CE supports LPCM on S905X3. Perhaps the extractor is to blame then. Thanks for the info that LCPM works for you!

Do you have the switch on the audio extractor set to pass 5.1 audio? Also have you tried enabling DD and DTS passthrough and allowing the extractor to convert to PCM?

The extractor does not convert to PCM, it converts/decodes PCM, DTS and DD to analog audio. It does have 5.1 pass which is what I am using. When I passthrough DD or DTS from X96, it does convert all channels to analog out. But when I send 5.1 PCM audio like AAC then I only hear 2 channels. So perhaps the extractor does not handle 5.1 PCM as advertised.

PCM is analog, different words for the same thing. I suspect that the internal DAC on the extractor doesn’t support multi-channel PCM input only DD or DTS.

PCM has nothing to do with analog…

You’re correct, PCM is the most basic sampled digital version of an analog signal. I guess what I meant is that like analog audio PCM audio is an uncompressed signal versus the compressed audio signals of Dolby and DTS.

Not sure what you mean by compressed. But Dolby TrueHD is loseless audiocodec.

I meant compressed in the context of my reply to chandan7. The audio extractor that user is using only supports standard Dolby Digital and DTS codecs which are compressed. Obviously if you move up the Dolby and DTS food chains you get to TrueHD and DTS-HD MA which are uncompressed proprietary multi-channel audio codecs.