Amlogic S905X3, S905Y3, S905D3 thread

Copy x92_remote to /storage/.config/rc_keymaps

Copy rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config

I don’t know about the xml file

then reboot

have you done this?

is worked
thx bro

Hi friends! How near of achieving a stable build on s905x3 we are? I ask for this because I would like to write on my internal emmc and I wish it were with a fresh stable build!! Thanks in advance!!

We don’t give ETAs.

my hopeness is the stable build s905x3 were on the way to get it successfully soon, very soon…

Hi guys
I’ve just bought this device:

Will I be able to install coreelec on it without any problems? Which image should I use?

Before buying you should have looked in the forum to help you choose the device.


But I didn’t so I would still appreciate any feedback.

Burn Generic NG image to SD Card eg: [


Then use the dtb.img that matches your hardware specs.

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Thanks a lot, now that’s a constructive reply.

It worked like a charm. For now I’ve run it from USB stick. There is one problem though, when I connect my external USB 3.0 drive to my device it mounts normally but it works very slowly and it’s impossible to play any movies from it, even browsing is slow. USB stick 2.0 works flawlessly in the same USB 3.0 port so the issue must be connected to the USB 3.0 hdd but it works great when connected directly to my TV. What can be the reason?

Try not to post the same post on different topics…
Such problems should be posted in Hardware section.

Looking to get an android box to run Coreelec for around $40. Currently looking to get the X96 Max Plus 4GB/32GB ROM. Would appreciate any advice or recommendations around that price. Will be running on a 4k HDR TV so would like for that to be supported.

I have the H96 Max X3 4/32GB and I am fully satisfied with it. Coreelec is running fine with the nightlies.Even the original remote is fully functional if you do what is suggested in these forums (very easy indeed).I am using it with a Full HD TV and not a 4K.
According to my information (and some firmware tests I have done) this box is exactly the same as Bqeel Y8 max, HK1 X3, Vontar X3 etc.

My TV Box X96 Air 4/64 GB also works very well with CoreELEC in internal memory. Internal memory space depends on usage. If you think you are going to use Docker containers then choose the largest size available.

Can you confirm the x96 Air has Gigabit Lan working? Also, did you get the remote to work on Coreelec ?

Thank you in advance.

Please look through the forum before asking offtopic questions.

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Everything works fine for me: ethernet, WiFi, bluetooth, remote, USB 3, USB 2, VFD display, … (I have just tried ethernet now to be sure and I have done a speed test, it seems that it does not exceed 100/100 Mbps, I will study this later).

Note.- I have changed the ethernet cable for another and I can affirm that the X96 Air P2 ethernet connection is gigabit. It can be verified with the command ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed

Nobody can confirm this.
There are a lot of boxes named X96 Air, but there are different chips inside.
Cheap, cheaper, cheapest, chinese box :neutral_face:

Hahaha! I can confirm this.