Amlogic S928X

Hi all

Am going to try and pester ugoos to see if we can get the compiled to how we need it

Are the options we need known so I can include it with the emails

We need it for:


I hope all owners of Ugoos am8 send messages to Uoogs to push them to provide CoreELEC team support with what they need to be able to support Uoogs am8 as well as other devices. I wish to see the CoreELEC OS work in Ugoos am8 built high-performance hardware

Ugoos will and cannot. They even don’t have the sources. Only some vendor with real source access are able to.


As I see coreelec:ugoos [CoreELEC Wiki]

many Ugoos devices support CE except am8/pro model :frowning: that’s why we need Ugoos to help us cooperate with coreelec team to support Ugoos am8

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Grab a 6b+ and enjoy that for now.

If we want to take CoreELEC to another level, and really take advantage of the performance of the next Chipsets. We would first need to be able to display the interface in 4k. Which is not possible with image tearing. However, I’m no longer sure if this is the software design of CE, or if it’s a bandwidth-related hardware limitation. But it is true that I have never managed to display a 4k interface without tearing under CE. Which means that we all activate the scaling, which renders close to 1080p. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no rush until we know more about this issue. Unless the next Chipsets really solve this problem. Which would be great, because in my opinion this is the last limit of CE (Kodi21).

Would it be possible to restart that conversation and see if the stance has changed?

Hi guys, I’m selling my Dune HD Pro 8K Plus for $500 AUD. It’s as new, still in the box as it came from Dune HD. Great opportunity for someone to get their hands on a high end S928X player with Dolby VS10 engine…

How much you selling for

500 bucks australian

Do you know which vendors have real sources? I’m wondering if we could go to them instead?

i send mail for support Dune HD to help team coreelec for vendors sources

Awesome opportunity to spend stupid dollars on a device with no support. Pull the other one mate…

What are you on about no support? There’s the same support everybody gets. If you can’t afford then you can’t afford.

Does it run CE? You’re on a CE forum trying to sell a box that doesn’t run CE. Good on you.

Latest update to AM8 has TV-LED working under android.

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Amazing! CoreELEC figures out how to enable TV-led and a few weeks so does Ugoos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This suggests that TV-Led DV is possible on the 5.x kernel as well.

True TV-Led or fake?