Amlogic S928X

OMG, So, vpeter do suggest asking Amlogic for compatible blob? or something else?

Please try with them Vpeter, we hope to see the CE OS work in Ugoos am8 soon.

Is there also a newer firmware image? I haven’t seen any OTA updates at all.

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Thanks. This says X96 X10 Pro, is that going to work on a regular X96 X10? And I guess this has to be installed using the Amlogic USB burning tool?

this firmware is only for new version x96x10pro with s928x-j.
old version x96x10 with s928x can not use this firmware.

Ok. Too bad. Do you know if there’s anything newer than 202310xx for regular X96 X10?

Hm, the one I bought claims to have S928X-J: €117.64 31%OFF | X96 X10 Amlogic S928X-J TV Box 8GB RAM 64GB ROM Support Dolby 8K USB3.0 Wifi6 BT1000M LAN Google Voice Input Set Top Box

Panthor as new Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) driver for supporting the newer Arm Mali graphics processors: Arm Lands Mali Gen10 "Panthor" Firmware Blob In Linux-Firmware.Git - Phoronix

Currently we are not much interested in mainline solutions.
But maybe you could use LE soon then.

Do you mean LibreELEC OS will be supported Ugoos am8?


Mainline support end at g12b/sm1.

S928X is S5. After sm1 there is sc2, s4 and t7 BEFORE s5. Non of it have mainline support…

So guess what?

OMG, OK no need to guess :joy:

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Q: Is it possible see LE 21 OS support this device soon?
A: Nope.

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Is it possible to run CE on Ugoos AM8 with some existing dtb file?
Maybe not fully working but at least to be able to boot in.
Thank you in advance!

You can’t run CE on it at all.

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I read through this thread and I saw the devs answer the same question a bunch of times about CE support for AM8, and that it is on hold until a compatible blob exists from Amlogic.

It is almost comical that people are so pushy and demanding towards developers that do amazing things in their own free time, but can’t be bothered to actually spend 10min reading through a thread themselves.