Amlogic S928X


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Great news, how do I know it’s working? what’s the way to check please, I have Ugoos am8 pro.

Thank you in advance.

When using AM Player use media player instead of exoplayer.
Tested with L8 4-steps. You will see brightness changes.

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That is cool, I hope they have fixed it.

CMv4.0 though is not the determining factor for true tv-led.
It is likely this newer SoC and version is CMv4.0, it has been around for several years now.

To determine if true tv-led you can run the same test on a older TV like a LG E8 and check the picture does not change - if it does then it means that the CMv4.0 metadata is being processed on the box and is fake tv-led to the TV.

Can also ask someone to capture the output and check for the metadata in the HDMI signal.

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CMv4.0 did not work on it, so it is likely that they modified the kernel based on the CoreELEC code.


Is there any news on development of coreelec on amlogic S928x

No CE on S928X

Hello, are there any developments on the part of Ugoos to facilitate CE support…?
If not, why aren’t they working on it…?

Read forum for the reason.

I find it strange that Ugoos AM6b+; AM7; X4 are all the best types for CE/DV use, I use all of them at home, but for now my AM8 only plays under droid…!

Nothing strange ,the AM8 has a new GPU.

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slimbox has released a special droid version for the amlogic S928 and S928-J

As long no SBC with S5 & Linux is released we have no libMali.ko… Right now there are only Android images available.

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In the off chance this is useful, states:

Support Android and Linux system development, can provide industry customers with SDK source code, convenient secondary development.

That’s an interesting link thanks for sharing.

First time I have seen the supported DoVi Profiles listed, which ominously does not include profile 7.
Still left wondering if that chip is actually capable to decode the 2* HEVC needed if all the other hurdles were overcome.

We are open source, not a customer…