An update is available, would you like to update now?

I’m using nightly builds and I’m getting this message after every reboot and this is annoying because I have no intention to update to every nightly build. “Show Update Notifications” is off, “Automatic Updates” = manual. Is it a bug or a feature?


If you where using the nightly builds because it was the only build that supported your device, you can now switch to the new 9.2.0 stable build, and not have to worry about updates as often.

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The question is why “Show Update Notifications” setting does not make any difference. If it is set to “disabled” it still shows “An update is available…” when Kodi starts

This is intentional on the nightly builds, because they are not meant for production use and we expect you to always be on the latest version.
Knowing, that everyone writing a bug report is on the same nightly version helps us a lot fixing it.

Please read the “Warning” paragraph on the nightly website:


I strongly disagree with this because you have broken Bluetooth in 9.2 but works just with some nightlies so we’ve been pressed to use a nightly… I don’t want to use nightlies but I have no choice because some another feature didn’t work even in 9.0.3.

A possibility to disable notifications in nightlies would resolve this for us who are pressed to use a nightly but don’t want.

Of course I understand a mistake could happen so I’m not angry especially because you do it for free with sacrifices :slight_smile: but to be more open in this would satisfy a lot of people… even a ssh code would be appreciated here, so please for a disable command and a reenable command :slight_smile:

Or to use this with ??? IP?

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I have update set to manual and the option to notify about new releases unchecked but I have a pop up every time I open coreelec. Any way to prevent this?

That is the default behavior of nightlies. There have been long discussions about this in the past, you’re welcome to look them up.

haven’t found, have found just this thread

I think it was in one of the nightly threads.

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is it this post?

You just linked to the thread, there are over a thousand posts in it.

the first post says “not possible to automatically update to the newest version. You also won’t see any update notifications.”

would be enough for me

First post was made more than a year ago, it probably needs to be updated.

found 2 questions about that but not an answer :frowning:

Sorry, I’m not going to open this discussion again in here.
A decision was made, in short, to make sure that everyone who uses nightlies is always using the latest build available.

I know the decision has been made, many decisions have been made wrongly in the world. I’ll never send you a log from an old nightly. You just don’t give us a way to be happy because of a wrong reason for those where only nightlies work properly but notifications are extremely annoying :slight_smile: Ok, just a hint … is possible to easily block any ip in CE and what ip or address?

Should be possible with the right equipment (router, etc.)

this I know, so won’t I break any another functionality of CE if I do it?

I never tried it, but I don’t see what it could break.

not even addons’ updates? thx