Audio Sync Issue

I believe You.
But why are the developers helpless ?
It´s a kind of magic

I’m also facing this issue. So far I’ve no luck getting some debug logs.

Maybe attempt to do kernel bisect could be useful.

Yes its really some kind of magic. Tried it on 3 different TVs in our house. All the same. Even on a 21" 4k monitor. No luck. But I can live with the 10sec. back or forward after pause. So some things we must keep as it is for the moment. And a 99% perfect CE Kodi is better than nothing :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it, but perhaps this makes life easier Add-on:Unpause Jumpback - Official Kodi Wiki


Thanks for the hint. didn’t know that add-on. Will give it a try! :v:

Looks like it helps with audio sync issue.

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Workarounds are ok, but it would be nice to see what actually is causing the issue. I even did a fresh install of 20 beta and same issue.

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find it hard to believe that devs haven’t reproduced it.
happens almost all the time for me.

Than pack all your setup, TV, AVR, device, media, remote, all together and send it.
We can’t replicate with our setup.

So all of you need to find the item what is same on all of you having this “issue”.

I think it’s very strange, this should be very, very obvious.
I have both C4 and N2 displaying the same on any file. Keeps me from using any kernel higher than 4.9.113, which is perfect.
I don’t know what i could do to help, since it’s just a basic setup using PVR and smb. Nothing special. Shame, since nexus is drying up pretty well. Hope something will surface and devs will be able to fix it (or go back to a working kernel for ng, i hope).

Is there a valid reason to insult the developers ?

Not an insult at all if you ask me. Just amazement regarding this issue that doesn’t seem obvious or is not experienced by the devs. Thats all.

Yes yes, i know. I’d gladly send my hardware, but it’s used here :wink:
For now I’ll just stay with a working setup, not much else i can do

yeah I have the N2+, and it happens with different TVs, with Yamaha and Denon receivers, and pretty much any TV show.

Yes, same here unfortunately. Its certainly strange. Only happen with builds (even 19.4) that use the new kernel. I wish it would be dropped/reverted :crossed_fingers:

yeah, I have also a N2+, TV, Monitor LCD, Vertex2, LG BD Player with ARC. Does not happen on any TV show.

I think I will close this topic…
I think we said multiple times what we need.

Nobody even tried to modify his setup to check if there are differences? Like use ARC not and not pass through the AVR or vice versa?

Yes i did. Used all possible combinations. All have issues with newer releases. Go ahead, close the topic. Will look for working alternatives from Nexus on…

Yeah, I’m usually all for the developers but this sort of response is the same old rubbish that is so rife in software development. I have both an N2 and N2+ and it happens on both, but I’m now assuming some people are more sensitive to it than others. I use ARC to a sound bar, very simple. As previous, all I can say is it happens on any version newer than 19.3. Clearly it won’t get fixed, that’s fine, but at least recognise something is there. This dismissive attitude is so rude, but whatever, it’s your forum. Not sure if it’s a language barrier or just plain rudeness. Close the topic I guess. That’s a good, positive solution to the problem!


I just tested all of these test files:

And I can report there is no problem. All frequencies are 100% in sync. Tested with VIM4, CE-20 5.4 and N2+ CE-20 4.9 kernel.

And before judge about how devs are handling user issues think it’s all done in free time, for free.
When no issue can be replicated, there might is one. But a non visible issue can not be fixed.

Feel free to spend multiple hours/days to debug it and please share the solution by PR. Thank you very much for your support!