Auto display resolution change to use a better TV 4K upscaler

so and what about to make the same thing like auto display refresh rate for resolution?

when a video has the resolution under 4k + tv is in 4k then set resolution to 1080p (or other if you want) and set back to 4K when video stops

my bet is it shouldn’t be so hard to code it with a respect to the frame rate switcher, sorry :slight_smile:

The setting could be in CE something like just “Use upscaler by the TV” and switch to 1080p acc to a video if is 4K applied but the video is 1080p or lower. This would be probably the most effective solution if you want to keep it simple but still with a significant benefit.

Having the GUI set to a 4k resolution doesn’t make sense, because it’s just an upscaled 1080p GUI.
Just set your GUI resolution to 1080p like recommended in this topic:

Using these settings, your TV automatically switches to a 4k resolution when a 4k movie is being played back and uses 1080p for all movies <=1080p.

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So CE automatically set the transmitted resolution to 4K when a 4K video starts if the TV supports 4K? CE knows that the TV is 4K despite it is manually set to 1080p?

I dont have 4K TV (it’s useless unlike great 3D), I just reacted to a thread and someone has made my comment a separet feature request :slight_smile:

Yes this already happens, if you have GUI set to 1080p then it will automatically switch to 4K when you play a 4K video and then switch back to 1080p when you stop it.

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great, you guys have been thinking about everything :slight_smile:

now just missing commercial cut plugin for TVHeadEnd and blue filter like Windows+ArgusTV+ Mediaportal have and I’d be happy in 100 % :slight_smile:

The only problem with this is whitelists are a little screwy. It will only do res change
when either vertical or horizontal resolution are an exact match. If you watch a 4k DCI title
like Sintel which is 4096 x 1744 with Kodi at 1080p it won’t switch to 4k.

The whitelist is under Kodi’s responsibility.
You can leave the whitelist blank, and then Kodi will use its legacy switching mechanism, where it’ll try to match resolution and refresh rate as close as it can.

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