Best device for Coreelec in 2022/2023

DV FEL is currently only verified working on Dolby Vision licensed s922x devices, including the Ugoos AM6+, Minix U22XJ, and FireTV 2nd gen Cube. They all use the same SOC, and have the same video playback capabilities.

Ugoos is the only company still actively selling the AM6+, but you might also be able to find a U22XJ if you look around. You can install CE to the eMMC, and run your movies off the USB port or over your LAN by Ethernet/WiFi.

Don’t know how the s922x compares to a nuc i3. The s922x is a low power (2-5W) SOC, It’s more in the realm of a RasPi 4 and the Nvidia Shield.

really thank you for your answer…
will get the am6+ :slight_smile:

I need a new CoreELEC box to play Dolby Vision. Of the 4 boxes mentioned, RockTek G2 is not available on amazon Europe.

I can get only
-Nokia 8010
-Homatics Box R 4K Plus
-Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus

What are the differences? Nokia is 1/3 cheaper but I read that you can’t power it on with the remote. Is that still the case?

Homatics looks awful. I can’t buy that color.

Dune HD Homatics is the most expensive but I don’t need the Dune software.

I tend more to Nokia but if you can’t power it on with remote that’s a problem.

Also, is this the case that there are no MicroSD slots and you will lose one USB port to have CoreELEC?

Please help me to choose and which box has problems that I don’t know.

If you care about Dolby Vision, buy the Ugoos AM6b+. There is no better box.

No Ugoos AM6b+ on amazon. I want to stay on the new stuff. My question is about
-Nokia 8010
-Homatics Box R 4K Plus
-Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus

and if they have any hidden problems, like power on not working with remote.

I’m looking at pictures to decide. Where is the Power Button on Nokia 8010? There is no Power Button? How do you turn it on?

Via remote electrical socket, like this one :slight_smile:

Wow! :laughing:
First time I see that.
I guess Homatics it is!

If you dont care about Profile 7 fel

Maybe take a look at Kinhank G1/ Orbsmart

It is excellent Box supported on CoreELEC 5.4.210 kernel!!!

Also price is very reasonable

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What’s wrong with Homatics? Is it bad?

update: I looked at Kinhank G1, it looks real good and it’s on amazon. It has MicroSD slot and it’s black!Now I’m confused. This supports all other DV except 7? And you can power it on with remote (with CoreELEC)?

There’s nothing innately wrong with the Homatics, but it only has limited support for Dolby Vision. Why buy a device with limited supported and a slower CPU when you can buy a device with full support and a faster CPU?

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In amazon Europe.

I do not know about Homatics /good or bad
Have not tested.

People are obsessed with profile 7 fel

Those boxes are older 2017/2018 and use dovi.ko from Android 9
And very pricey

To me this is regression
Not progression

Iam very Happy with Kinhank G1 for Dolby Vision!!!
There is a thread here discussing Kinhank G1

Yes can use Power on with CoreELEC


on the Kinhank G1, does WiFi / BT work and are you using the NE or NO build?

Yes everything is working!!!

Using NE 5.4.210 kernel nightly builds.

Check out the Thread Kinhank G1


I found the Homatics to always be laggy for some reason, I have some N2s and a AM6 and never had the same problem so not sure what was causing it.

The AM6 has a much more powerful cpu and gpu despite being older. The S905x is quite a underpowered chip.

Yes, but CoreElec run snappy on that too.
No issue by me.
Plus homatics is full certificated box for all streaming apps in atv.
Ugoos not.
I have several homatics boxes, and am6 too.
Local media with p7 fel is ugoos.
All round is homatics. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice !!!

Kinhank g1 is also full certified streaming apps
With atv 11
Also uses same 5.4.210 kernel in android.

Recent purchase of TCL Dolby Vision compatible TV
Has Google Tv /Android
Also uses 5.4.210 kernel

So all 3 mesh together perfect

Kinhank g1

All using 5.4.210

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