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Hi, I have an Odroid N2 and after 9.2.5 CEC has completely stopped working. Once I re-install 9.2.5 everything is perfect.

I have LG CX TV connected to an Onkyo receiver. Normally the N2 connects to the Onkyo rather than the TV for better passthrough sound options. This setup has worked flawlessly for months and CE has been absolutely amazing with CEC passing from the TV through the receiver to CE on the N2.

With CE 9.2.6 & CE 9.2.7 this stopped dead. Nothing ht and miss or reboot dependant. I reisnstalled several times on clean SD cards but no difference.

I’ve tried connecting the N2 straight into the LG to see if the receiver was affecting CEC. But things are the same. The TV no longer sees the device name from CE passed over CEC into my HDMI port, it merely sees that something is connected to it. On 9.2.5 the TV would just know that CE was connected to a port everything would just work, it even displayed the name of the N2 against the HDMI port.

I have tried messing with SimpLink in the TV. No joy. It’s enabled and autodetects PS4, XBox etc CE 9.2.5, just not the newer releases. It won’t find it manually either.

I tried tweeking and changing everything in the CEC driver in CE. No joy.

I haven’t collected logs because I don’t see there likely to be anything there. It’s not as if CEC is intermittant or media doesn’t play perfectly, it’s simply no CEC and perfect for everything else I throw at it. I just don’t think that CEC works on (my) N2 with the latest releases at all. I’m going to try the latest nightly CE Matric release but I stopped running them because of the same CEC issue many weeks back.

Is anyone else having similar issues? What can I twiddle that might help?

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Enable debug logging in Kodi and libCEC component.

Since 9.2.6 your able to manually define the physical address if libCEC can not detect the correct one:

Only CEC issues are left are all about connecting the device to the AVR instead the TV.
The CEC implementation of the AVRs is most faulty and cut also the CEC connection to the TV so the EDID can not be read.

Clean install?

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