Change Skin in CoreELEC

Is it possible to change skin in CoreELEC?

How to change skins.

I know how to change skin in KODI.
But there is no “Get more…” option in CoreELEC.

Maybe start with these troubleshooting steps.

Do you have network enabled? Can you install any other addon from Kodi repository?


In the Kodi Repository option, nothing visible.
I install the Addons manually.

Then something is really wrong there if you don’t have any repository.

Install CoreELEC again from fresh or reset to defaults (under CoreELEC settings, System).

I did it
My device is the Beelemk GT-King Pro
Which file should I choose?


king x is different device with 2 HDD inside.

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And one question (for sure)
The CoreELEC file that I downloaded for Beelemk GT-King Pro is this file:
is it right?

That’s correct.

I think you already did correctly everything previously but something bad happen at some point :slight_smile:

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Yes :grin:
I reinstalled CoreELEC but the problem is not fixed.

Then post DEBUG kodi log.

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To clean the desk, I have to move my Beelink.
So I separated the device’s adapter about 10 minutes.
After re-connecting the device, the “get more …” option appeared in CoreELEC ! :open_mouth:
Now I can change the skins. :slightly_smiling_face:

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