Choppy Playback / Audio Desync

Using an Odroid C4 (running CoreELEC 19.0-Matrix) with local content being played from an external HDD, certain movies play choppily. I’ve isolated the issue to 1080p x265 encoded video files which have a relatively large file size (2GB). I say this because TV shows in 1080p x265 play smoothly. Also, Movies in lower resolutions and with other encodes play smoothly. By about the three-minute mark, the audio noticeably desyncs due to the choppy playback. I’ve determined that this does not happen on my desktop computer running Kodi 18.9 Leia. Is this a Hardware limitation or is there a setting on CoreELEC that can mitigate this issue?

Update to nightly build.
If still doesn’t work then collect full logs

The issue might have had something to do with video calibration.
Using the Nightly Build (March 18, 2021 for Odroid C4) I put the problem files in my library and all of them played smoothly. After changing the video calibration to correct for overscan on my TV, the issue appeared again, but less frequently. Some files which were choppy on 19.0-Matrix continued to play smoothly on this build regardless of video calibration.
In an attempt to isolate video calibration as the problem, I performed a soft reset. Then I put the files in my library and changed the video calibration. The only discernable difference between what I did the first time and this time is that I did not adjust aspect or subtitle position, only the corners were adjusted. All the video files are playing smoothly now.
I appreciate your help. Is there any reason not to use this exact Nightly Build permanently assuming the device will be kept offline?

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