Config.ini help

I am trying to add the line

dtparam audio = on

to the (for lack of a config.txt file) to enable squeezelite to work as suggested by someone on that addon thread.

How do i know that my edit is working? To double check uncommented the line for boot parameters and it now looks like

coreelec=‘quiet nosplash’

but I can still see the coreelec splash. So obviously my dtbparam edit isnt working. What am I doing wrong?

Have a read here and try again :slightly_smiling_face:

Kodi debug log

If you read real careful, you’ll see that it is really helpful to include your software/hardware setup :wink:

Amlogic S912 running the latest CE nightly

Are there any solutions for this problem? Greetings Elluminatus

config.ini only works with developer boards otherwise you will have to compile your own version of CE to add the above options to the kernel cmdline