CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc1 Discussion

Maybe yes, I tried already some options what may can cause this issue but it does not solve it. So last question is the cdm lib itself.

Please use the 19.2-Matrix_devel_20210602080054.tar and only exchange the cdm lib in /storage/.kodi/cdm.

I just tested it and you even do not need to reboot. Only stop playback in kodi and move back to main screen. Replace the lib and then check again with inputstream.helper. Just do not update Widevine on playback start as the lib is lost again.

We just changed the built in library to LD_PRELOAD for next nightly. This is maybe one reason causing kodi crash and/or rebooting devices.

The other part is the Widevine cdm library itself. It looks like the new version is buggy and do also cause kodi crash and/or rebooting devices. By revert the cdm library back to the old version kodi does not crash anymore.

Here is a backup of the current Widevine cdm libraries:

Just exchange it in /storage/.kodi/cdm


I have a quite old box, a Nexbox A95X-B7N 1 Gbyte RAM, 8 Gbyte ROM. 19.2 RC1 boots from an SD card, an is working fine so far, except one thing: my device has 2 USB ports, and only one is usable (the one next to the sd reader), the other is inactive. I use the gxl_p212_1g DTB.

With the latest legacy CoreElec version both USB ports are working. If you have time, can you please fix this issue? This box only has a 100M Lan contoller, so I use an USB-Ethernet adapter in the first USB port, and on USB keyboard in the another one.

Hi I’ve exchanged the cdm lib (into 4.10.1679.0) in /storage/.kodi/cdm, on the installed 19.2-Matrix_devel_20210602080054 version (and verified it with the InputStream Helper Information).
Unfortunately the random reboots still occur.

Then you will need to enable debugging in kodi and provide the logs. No idea what cause this issue.

Other option is you downgrade your system with the nightlies to find the last working one:

Did you use Netflix or some local playback when reboot happen?

Reboots happen randomly during playback, but also when in idle mode (so when nothing is playing).

Same here, random restart of kodi service (not reboot) on two different devices, beelink gt king and x96max2, occured imediately after update to latest ver.19.2-Matrix_rc1
Restarts apppear during playback or idling, state no matter at all.

Can you try with this image?

You just need to copy the link and ssh to the device go to .update/ and run megadl and the link after that.

will this image work on a odroid n2?

You need to provide a log. Without log we can not help much further. Please do not forget to enable debug logging in Kodi.

Yes it will. It’s a .tar update file.

When you have seen this in some last nightly can you try the archive to find the last working one?

daukus is correct it’s not a reboot, it’s restart of kodi service.

It has been running for over 12 hours then kodi restarted. I have not downgraded to the old cdm yet because it was working without restarts.

Kodi has randomly restarted again after 8 hours.

@franko12345 please update to last nightly and try again!

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Installed the last nightly.
Will keep you posted.

G’day Portisch,
For no particular reason, I compile and update from github pretty much every day.
From my recollection, the kodi restarts began with this version:
Commits on May 22, 2021
gperftools: add package providing tcmalloc_minimal
Add TCMALLOC_SUPPORT parameter to add libtcmalloc_minimal to the image
glibc: add support for SHT_RELR sections

Forgive me if I’m wrong,
regards Paul