CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc1 Discussion

Maybe yes,

please all on 19.2_rc1 update to last nightly (20210603) to see if it’s fixed now, thx.

Hi Portisch,

I’ve upgraded to the last nightly approx. an hour ago.
Just had another kodi restart…

B.t.w. the download page (CoreELEC) is referencing the “19.2-Matrix_rc1 (Stable)” release. However when selecting the link it fails (404 - page not found).

I would like to downgrade back to 19.1-Matrix as this one works ok for me (no kodi restarts), but can’t find the link.

I have also updated to the latest nightly, and have had 2 restarts whilst playing a movie from local hard disk.
Would you like logs?

There is currently no solution using the new Widevine library.
The support got removed with tomorrow nightly.
Please downgrade the CDM library if you already have updated:

Hi I have version 18.9 running on Mecool K3 Pro. Is it possible and safe to upgrade to 19.1 or 19.2?

Hello, I have a s905x3 and with 18.9 it is perfect.
When I upgrade to 19.1 it doesn’t work, my video and audio get out of sync.
I don’t have the problem of it rebooting.
I’m going to wait for the widevine thing to be solved and then I’ll ask if there is a solution for the synchronization thing.
If I use 9.2.7 docker is too old to support home assistant but DRM playback works perfect. If I use branch 19.1 or 19.2 I can install home assistant with supervisor, but I can’t play DRM synchronized.
I guess with a little more time they will solve it

No, just install CE 19 and restore settings from a backup you have previously made. Old python 2 add-ons won’t survive the migration to python 3. Could work but will be a lucky shot. Make a backup and see if all is ok, if not restore the settings on new fresh CE 19 install. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would normally do a clean install, but I have 100 TV and SAT channels there, sorted and stuff… And that takes ages to setup from scratch. I wish there was a backup/restore plugin for TVHeadend server.

X96 Air 4GB Gigabit, is with the new 19.2 not switching between 720P, 1080P, 4k, and refresh rates. Everything is upscaled to the settings in Coreelec. In my case 1080P 50Hz.
Try the 19.1 and the switching is ok, TV gives the correct values according source,

I have updated to the nightly and changed the CDM library. It is now restarting after a couple of hours. The experimental with current CDM ran for longer periods with out restarts. There must have been some other change that has caused this.

Just updated to the new nightly. I will let you know how it goes.

You need to update to today’s nightly:

Have already. Has been running for 2 hours thirty mins with no restarts yet.

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If you know how to handle permissions in Linux, you could start from here: config save TVH. Don’t know how it works in jeOS, maybe in Debian / Ubuntu its easier.

You can do this:

Two machines have been running for 8 hours 30 mins with no restarts. Looking good.

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My X96 Air also restarts. I wait for the official update.

I would consider the issue to be resolved with the latest nightly having seen no random Kodi restarts.


Some progress has been made regarding libwidevine.
Please try this image if Netflix is working with old and new libwidevine library. And check the version in addon to really be sure which one is used.
More users will give feedback sooner we move forward.
Of course other users can also update because devices not using NF must be stable too :slight_smile:

cd /storage/.update

I’ll try it and let you know when I get home. :slightly_smiling_face: