CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc3 Discussion

Downgrade Android firmware. On last images Khadas changed something about WOL and broke Ethernet support for linux, thank you.

Thanks for the quick reply! I decided to start fresh and “burn” (using USB Burning Tool) the latest Android firmware first thinking I would be properly up-to-date before installing CoreELEC 19.2. But it seems with Khadas you’re better off staying on an older Android firmware, last year they broke HDR switching with a firmware update for example.

Do you happen to know the latest working VIM3 Android firmware version?

To answer my own question: the latest working firmware is VIM3_Pie_V210128.7z.

Has anyone successfully tried to update Khadas VIM3L? It uses an SoC somewhat different from these. I am a bit intimidated to experiment, reading all the details that seem to be necessary. Or is it really not that bad to fix if this build does not work? Is there a recommended procedure of backup, etc written somewhere for me to study?

Can you give us more details about? Are you talking about Android or CE?

Umm. Talking about running CE on the device.

@jds please search function of the forum:

Is it possible to passthrough Dolby Atmos or DTS X audio to AVR? (Banana Pi M5)

Thanks for the response. I did a Kodi backup, then used krescue to do a backup of eemc. Krescue has an easy-to-use wizard that allowed updating to the latest CE. I used that, then restored Kodi. Everything looks like it is working fine. I then did another backup of the whole system using krescue.

I would like to move to the officially supported CE implementation, so I checked /flash. It now has a dtb directory with *.dtb files in it for a few devices. This does not seem like the CE standard install, so does this mean that I am still “unofficial”?

I am sure that this has been answered somewhere, but I am getting lost in all the details of the scattered posts, so I apologize in advance.

Kresuce is not supported by CoreELEC, please ask in Khadas forum.

Right, but my question is kind of the opposite of that. I am asking how to be sure that I don’t need to use krescue next time.

Please use the search function and read the links I posted already.
Krescue is a Khadas tool, not CoreELEC. So we have no idea what this tool does with the system.
99% of CoreELEC devices are able to make backup without Krescue, just read the links, thank you.

Install plain Android (probably VIM3L_Pie_V210128.7z) and then use ceemmc tool to install CE to eMMC.

Thanks. This is probably the right way.

Yes, it’s possible.

I have the same problem, mini M8S 2. Worked fine before update to rc3.

The problem mentioned by the user with VIM3 is well documented in our side and last android breaks Ethernet. Did you update android in the meantime in your device? And please post dmesg.

I finally changed Coreelec 9.2.7 version for the last Matrix, but know i have a strange problem I didn’t have before.

When i always push backward/forward any movie, mainly those with higher bitrate, my box simply freeze and the only solution to “unfreeze” is unplug the power cable or with some luck remove the USB from the external drive and wait some seconds/minutes it goes back to the start menu. What I’m doing wrong or there a option in the settings to resolve this?

My installation is clean in another new kingston sdcard. And if it helps my log after the crash:

Hi everyone- just joined.
I was about to ask about a problem I had yesterday - installing InputStream Adaptive from Coreelec Addons on Matrix_rc3 - when I tried again 10 mins ago and now it’s installed.
That is fast work.

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Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hola. Soy nuevo en esto de los foros, tengo una King gt Pro con CE matrix 19.2 rc3 y tengo unos reinicios en medio de peliculas. Mas menos cada 20/30 minutos. Alguien podria ayudarme ? Estare muy agradecido

Hello. I’m new to this forums, I have a King gt Pro with CE matrix 19.2 rc3 and I have some restarts when playing movies. More or less every 20/30 minutes. Can you help me? Thank you