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Only a full log is helpful

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OOPS sorry … I think my old log may have been overwritten meanwhile.
I’ll reinstall and give full log …

UPDATE: system works OK now … not sure what was wrong first time …

No problems so far with 19.5rc1 – thanks!
The video stuttering on replaying some .M2TS format music videos that I reported on Mar 8 re v19.4 is fixed on my Odroid N2+ setup.

X96Max does not connect to Bluetooth speakers Edifier 1280DB
ng 9.2.8
ng 19.5

at Android works fine.

Beelink MXIII 9.2.8 also good

X96Max 19.3 connected to Bluetooth Speakers but I got this awful sound. Which sound storage pages I can link? SoundCloud not possible.

Movie Hdr 10+

Hi thanks for this new version but, HDR 10+ and dolby Vision don’t work well on a SDR Tv

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Never understood why you’d do this. Watch the SDR version. You’re relying on a device to remap the colours so your TV can display it, rather than just feed it the data it wants and can display which will be more accurate.

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Dolby Vision cannot be mapped to SDR.
HDR10+ not mapping is a bug we’ll look into.

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Thank you for your answer.
I just did a test on my A95X S905X3 box, Hdr10+ is well mapped on my Tv Sdr. With my box S905x2 it does not work

Are both of them using the same CE version?

Since 19.4 rc1 release have i the problem with the hdmi cec stop working.
(see: CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix Discussion - #52 by Portisch)
Since that all releases make the same thing i tried the nightly release as Portisch wrote, but its the same. Kaanic wrote, he has the same bug. is there really no solution for this bug? only the 19.3 works perfect. i try to make another log, but got no good solution for the first log…

please help

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Yes Matrix 19.4 on both box

got the log: 84.45 MB file on MEGA

I seem to recall previous discussions about HDR to SDR mapping, one of which indicated that the Odroid C4 (S905X3) did a better job than the N2+, for reasons unknown.

I haven’t noticed any specific issues on my X95 Max (S905X2), although no matter how good it may get, a good 1080p is still far superior to a 4K HDR on an SDR TV.

For the most part it seems not really worth it right now, unless you are stuck only having a 4K HDR file/stream.

I found a bug in 19.5rc1 concerning PVR recordings.
If a recording in SD is being watched through the PVR recording section and user starts a HD recording while watching the SD recording, image freezes, quickly followed by a kodi restart.
Ths issue started in 19.5rc1 and is not present in 19.3/4.

Cannot reproduce logs atm, but will later.