CoreELEC 19.5-Matrix_rc2 Discussion

Try first do remove resolution.ini from COREELEC partition. If this does not help limit colour depth to 10 or 8 bit in kodi display expert settings.

I have found a bug an my minix u22-xj max. After playing 3D movies, the switch to the normal image mode in Kodi menu dos not work. The screen is splitted an the resolution is to big. “Disable stereoscopic 3D mode when playback ended” does not work correctly. It is in Settings / Player → Videos

Apologies if this is a known issue, but on my ODroid N2 (not plus), after the HardKernel logo splash screen shows up, I just get a blank screen on this version.

I thought it might be an issue with my hardware but I tried Armbian and everything looks OK.

Not sure how to debug this because I don’t see anything. Tried Ctrl-Alt-F1, etc. but couldn’t get anything to show up either.

Maybe start here and see if that solves it.

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Remove resolution.ini and try if it solves your issue. If not SSH to your booted box and run dmesg | paste

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Hello ,

i have installed latest coreelec on my vontar x3 (905x3) and there is no working LAN. Wifi is ok
LAN is working under stock android. And im using sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb from device tree.
Because it is my device configuration

thank you for help

Did it work on rc1 or did you just start to use CE from rc2?
If none of the existing images work, can you SSH into the box and run the following command to check if your ethernet PHY is JL2101?

dmesg | grep 'eth%d: PHY ID'

If it says something like this (PHY ID 937c4032), then your box has a JL2101 PHY:

[    0.742444@3]- eth%d: PHY ID 937c4032 at 0 IRQ POLL (stmmac-0:00) active
[    0.742611@3]- eth%d: PHY ID 937c4032 at 1 IRQ POLL (stmmac-0:01)

If it says something like this, then your box does not have a JL2101 PHY:

[    0.598830@2]- eth%d: PHY ID 001cc916 at 0 IRQ POLL (stmmac-0:00) active
[    0.598834@2]- eth%d: PHY ID 001cc916 at 1 IRQ POLL (stmmac-0:01)

You can also run the following command and paste the link to us so we can check the full kernel log:

dmesg | paste

And if your PHY is JL2101, then can you try either one of the following images to check if the ethernet works? (or if you don’t know how to SSH, then you can simply try these images anyway)

(This one uses the generic PHY driver for JL2101)

(This one uses the official driver from JLsemi I ported for JL2101)

I developed the JL2101 patches for my S905X3 box (HK1 Box), and verified it work nicely, but testers with S905X4 and JL2101 reported it did not work, and since I don’t have a S905X4 box with JL2101 I can’t further fix the problems. Since you are using basically the same model as mine (vontar x3 is basically hk1 box rebranded), the patched image should work for you, could you give it a try?

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Thanks for the help. Reflashed and it seems to be working. Not sure what happened. Tried armbian and CoreElec 20 in between and those worked. Anyways, thank you!


at first, i would like to thank you for your superquick and extreme detailed support !

I have used patched image from link and now its working flawlessly ! Thank you!!

One last question - is it ok, to let it on automatical updates at this situation, or should I stay at this patch ?

Unless/Until the patch is merged, you need to turn off auto-update and stick with the image with this patch or build your own image based on newer CE source and manually add the patch

and is it possible to let auto update on, let it update - that will caused that LAN will stop working and than patch it manualy again with same patch ?