CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

I removed the SD and it booted back into my previous install on the eMMC no problem.

It’s strange as the petitboot menu just shows “*” as the first option in the list, nothing else.

I’ll have to look how you update petitboot then.

Some of the Petitboot versions are broken and simply don’t find SD cards. The latest versions are all broken (unless things changed recently) so you need to go back through them until you find one that recognises all your media.


i connect to my PC to copy movies over, i have a couple of boxes that are not on the network and only playback locally from the SD, that i take away with work - or at least i did pre covid… and i also take them to my caravan. copying around 200gb of moves direct to the SD is much faster than connecting to network and using smb sharing…

No problem, You can use a PC running Linux to do that.
Or install Linux file systems for Windows, cost about 20€

Or use an USB pen :upside_down_face:

We load our tablet via samba but a USB formatted to fat32 would work as well.


I have the functionality already, as long as i just ‘upgrade’ my existing installs to matrix, it is working that way and shows on my PC. shame i cant get any clue as to why a ‘clean’ install would be different to an upgrade from 9.2.5…

Anybody using the setting: ‘play next video automatically’?

With this setting enabled, the gui is brought to the front at the moment a video ends and the next starts. (now in the background). Easily reproduced by activating the autoplay setting, starting something in a direcory with multiple items and take it to, say 30 secs to the end. Let it play to the end.

Trying to find out if there is more users experiencing this since the latest nightly and/or if it may be identified already.


Petitboot (dev.2020.08.16) is the one I know it is working

Yes, extensively. And it annoys me to no end. Started with the nightly 21-01-28. But hey, it’s Pre-alpha on the CoreElec side, so bugs are to be expected.

Thanks for confirming @bhf
Real breakage as far as I am concerned; hope it gets ironed out :wink:

@Atreyu @bhf @boot2k3 @djp952
I opened a issue on xbmc:

For now I will revert it by our self until it’s fixed.

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So still a long ways to go :frowning:

Thank you @portisch !

No, that’s not it. Mine Pre-alpha squib was simply wrong anyway. Apologies to all the devs.

The media player part was good as a daily driver up to this point. And beyond, if you don’t use this specific feature. But, as you can see, nothing in software is ever perfect.

Thank you for bringing the nightlies at such a fast pace. For my use case, these nightlies have been brilliant and have switched to them as my daily driver
Wechip V5 S905X 2GB RAM device running CE from microSD connected to FHD TV over HDMI.
CEC works (big advantage over LE nightlies)
Dual band Wifi Works
Remote works after dropping in remote.conf from android
shutdown works
power on from ir remote works
HW acceleration for H264 and H265 (big advantage over LE nightlies)
Bluetooth works for KBD and Headphones

The only issue I’ve had (since amlogic-ng on gxl builds) is being unable to install widewine using InputStream helper addon (available from Kodi repo)
This addon is meant to automatically download the latest ChromeOS image, extract it to microSD, scan for libwidevine and install it into .kodi/cdm folder.
libwidevine is a requirement for using Netflix and Disney+ addons

On LibreElec 9 and even the latest matrix nightlies, it works perfectly as it is supposed to.
However on CE 9 and 19 the whole box reboots somewhere in between while downloading the ChromeOS image, I have tried it many times and the same thing happens so unable to see anything in the log.
For now I copy the libwidevine from LE to CE manually.
Can someone confirm if Inputstream helper addon is able to install libwidevine on the CE installs. Thanks

I’ve had no issue installing widevine on my S905x box in CE 19 using CastagnalT’s netflix addon.

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I used it various times to test Netflix, Prime, Disney plus, HBO go. I never had any problems but I will try again today.

Same here, I used Amazon VOD. Maybe you remove the folder once more. Copy it from another system is not a good idea as maybe the architecture does not match.

So LE:
not working CEC
not working h264 and h265?

same here. odroid n2 with netflix, amazon vod, hbo go, all ok.

Confirming widevine addons (Netflix, Amazon VOD) working as intended on;

  • NexBox A95X-B7N (S905X)
  • TaNiX T3 Max (S905W)
  • TaNiX T5 DeLuxe Edition (S905X3)
  • Turewell F2 A95X (S905X2)

with NG and Matrix

CEC is working fine also (RCA TV).

Latest issues seem to be mostly with Odroid devices??