CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

@Portisch I’ve been thinking about buying a usb tuner of this model! will it have support for CoreELEC?

No idea, DVB on LE/CE is EOL.

It’s much better to use real DVB hardware as it’s designed for this purpose like a SAT>IP server and split server and client part.

I never have any issue with my Quatro DVB tuner and multible clients like CE, mobile and the TV itself. Also Windows can use it :innocent:. And you can easily exchange the clients and/or update without any issues.

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I completely agree.

I was heavily into this driver-for-your-dvb game until I switched and to be honest I will gladly see the driver package thing gone from CE :wink:

No, the mygica t230a is not supported in CE at the moment. I have one so I can assure you that.

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It’s not how it works, anyway. I can tell you that I once used a vim2+vtv that worked only in default drivers. Than i had a xbox tuner that worked in dvb-latest and a mygica t230 USB tuner that worked best in crazycat. So I had to distribute the tuners in various devices and use minisatip to connect them to the tvh server that was in the vim2. It was a nice mess. So i bought a hdhomerun expand quad tuner. This is an example for DVB-C. Tuner support in different sets of drivers has variations according to which norm you’re using.

Well, I meant specifically CE kodi-19 matrix, on 9.2.5 the avalink 6862 adapter works with all three types of drivers, but on the matrix ce default driver dvb impossible install, if choose them will be not active

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9.2.5 Amlogic-ng?

Amlogic.arm, Amlogic-ng 9.2.5 stable doesn’t work on S905 series SoC

Amlogic.arm (GXBB, GXM) is EOL and DVB is EOL.

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If you’re still referring to KI pro, of course it’s supported in amlogic-ng Leia. Otherwise it wouldn’t be supported in Matrix.

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Then it would be more logical, when choosing to download an image, to provide a choice between generic and ng generic, and it would also be good to understand the difference between them for the S905 series
For example, I still did not know that for S905D on stable 9.2.5 you can use both generic and generic ng

Go to download helper, choose new installation, KI pro and read what’s said there.

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Sorry, I installed the first time so long ago that info passed me by 🤷 :hugs:

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Yes, and S905 is gxbb device and not supported in amlogic-ng but S905X/W/D are gxlm and are supported. The internal DVB part is another story and is supported in some devices.

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@Boulder, please try current nightly build, it should be fixed

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Failed new installations using 20210218 and 20210219

A95X Max (S905X2)

Stalls with error [FAILED] Failed to start load kernel modules

Doesn’t get as as far as creating any logs on the STORAGE partition, although it seems to have correctly partitioned the USB stick.

Previous Matrix versions seemed fine although I can’t access versions older than 20210218 to check.

CoreELEC-19-Matrix nightlies

Thanks but I’ll need one of the img.gz files to carry out an older fresh install.

there is only the last image before available right now:

but the change from 20210218 to 20210219 was minimal and I don’t think this can cause such issue

The issue will have come from something previous to 20210218 as updates worked up to the previous one.

Maybe somebody will see this and have a copy of something older that I can use for a usable fresh install.